While hardwood flooring has long retained its popularity, a range of greatly improved look-alike products is now providing the same textures and neutral colourways at more user-friendly prices. Essentially, choice of flooring will be dictated by budget, the area to be covered, and the amount and type of traffic to which it will be subjected. Gibson Veneer and Plywood’s Enspire range is manufactured from bamboo fibre, which results in a more linear grain direction from other natural wood materials.
It also accounts for the interesting colour variations, says GVP’s Managing Director, Kerry Pearson. Antoinette van der Nist at Ecodure Bamboo and Oak Flooring, reports bamboo is the fastest growing floor type. Cork flooring today is a far cry from what Mum and Dad used to have, says Sue Hellesoe at Ecofloors.
The natural thermal properties of cork are another plus, she says, with tests of four different flooring products showing cork provided a better solution when it comes to retaining heat.
For DIY market, EcoFloors offers Ready Cork Floating Floors with a new high performance surface (HPS) finish that requires no polyurethane once installed, and no use of adhesives. Their wooden floors originate in Sweden and are perfect for New Zealand’s climate because this multi-layered construction and product locking system allow for expansion and contraction.
Not surprisingly, given their cold country origin, they’re also designed to accommodate underfloor heating. In addition to cork flooring, EcoFloors have a wood programme with Woodcomfort, providing the best of both worlds, says Sue Hellesoe.
For DIYers wanting the look of timber without the timber price tag, click-together laminate flooring is a practical and economical solution, says Jack Ou at Fast Floors. This is because the surface layer is actually a photograph of wood grain, not real wood, which is then given a tough transparent coating, making it impervious to daily wear and tear.
Fast Floors laminates are available in a choice of colours, with the classic looks of natural oak being the most popular.
Vinyl planks and tiles come in two different qualities; Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring (LVT) with a high-quality realistic finish and superior durability at a comparatively low cost, and the less expensive Hot Press Tile (HPT). Both products are essentially three layers; a protective wear layer that helps prevent against damage, a printed design layer simulating natural wood planks, and the backing layer which adds structural strength and durability. The moduleo LVT range comes in authentic plank lengths and widths, and features bevelled edges and ends, according to Mark Cronin at wholesalers, Robert Malcolm Ltd. Depending on the quality and wear layer of the product, prices through the Irvine retail network can start from as little as $49 per m2. This home renovation advice article featured on page 40 of Issue 013 of New Zealand Renovate Magazine.
If you would like a free, no obligation initial consultation to discuss options and ideas for your flooring project, please use the enquiry form alongside to provide us with your contact details. Roofs because of their relative inaccessibility and importance for keeping your home dry and sound are looked at with hope more than a practical scrutiny when people are looking to buy or renovate homes here in Portugal. Questions and answers roof problems – Sagging – What is meant by Sagging where do you see it and how can I identify it.
Missing tiles – Is usually a sign that either the tiles have broken because of frost.
Wet rot – Is usually found where the roof joists or purlins are embedded in the external walls.
Splaying – Describes what happens when either the walls of the property move outwards or the roof slips its position on top of the walls. Purlins – These are large horizontal wooden beams which help support the roof joists.
Sagging ceilings – can be caused by the amount of debris that is resting on them or large amounts of agricultural produce that was stored above them.
Roman tiles – These simple curved tiles look beautiful but have their own distinct problems in that they break and slip.
Roofing felt, breathable membrane – This is even rarer than insulation in a Portuguese roof.
Concrete roof – very common here as they are fire-proof and have few problems if they are installed and designed correctly.
At this time of year when the first rains come many of us find ourselves focusing on our roofs and often there are more questions than answers.If you want to be sure why not ask Castelo Construction to take a thorough look on your behalf and Before you make an offer it is always best to have all the questions and answers to hand when making a big decision.
If your interested in moving to Portugal or want a holiday home in this beautiful part of Europe.
Close to Penela this 4 bed 3 bath stone built home is detached and has masses or character and has been completely refurbished and is ready to move into. The garden is large and level offering space for a tennis court as well as a swimming pool. I made mine from 2 lengths of 6m of 50mm x 50mm x 2.5mm wall box section steel which the supplier had galvanised for me. I was finding the road trailer a bit tricky to launch and recover partly to due the keel height from the bottom and also the swell lifting the boat of the rollers so set about building a launching trolley.
Why not follow the UK tradition of a launching trolley that rolls onto the main trailer for boat transport?
I know that it is too late for your build, but by using a double spine and hanging the rollers underneath, you can get the hull right down low. I had the advantage of living with Peerie Maa on a conventional trailer like yours for a few years, so when its spine rusted out I knew how to improve it.
I had tried out the guide wheels and low winch position on the old trailer, so I knew that they would work. And cork is making a comeback as a fashionable choice, valued for its sustainability and good looks. It’s also important to check with the supplier regarding the use of underfloor heating. Choosing a high-gloss finish on a hardwood floor, where there are pets may not be the best option! It’s the hardest of all the wooden flooring materials and therefore offers greater resistance to marking and wear. Renovators are rediscovering the acoustical properties, warmth and durable comfort of cork; and they value its natural sustainability, she says. The product is pre-finished with seven coats of UV lacquer and it’s all environmentally safe, she says. In line with overseas trends, more renovators are looking towards grey tones that give a modern, edgy look, says Jack. Although given that flooring is an important investment, they recommend LVT products are laid by a qualified installer and member of the national Flooring Association.
Often there are more questions than answers we are going to change that with some Portuguese roof Questions and Answers .
Yes we do occasionally get frost in Portugal and sun-dried mud tiles are very susceptible to frost damage. If a roof has a rain water leak and the top of the external wall gets moist the roof joists will quickly rot out making the end of the roof sag and eventually collapse.
Once you make sure your roof is sound it is a good idea to insulate the roof to make the home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Quite often in Portugal they are just tree trunks and if they have been taken straight out of the forest still green they will sag under their own weight. Very often strangely designed and held together with bits of old tin they can be a major problem if they are effected by wood worm or rot.
Most often it is wood work infestation that has weakened the ceiling joists causing them to bend. Do not allow people to walk upon them or you will be replacing large numbers of tiles (if you can get them). In the past Portugal was a backward country with very poor access to transport so roof tiles were made locally.
The roofs breath because the tiles are of the old design and don’t fit together as well as the new tiles which need to have vent tiles included. You can’t just replace a timber roof with a concrete roof so take the advice of an architect. This stone house has all the advantages of a new home with the unmistakable character that only a stone house provides. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. I sprayed the cut ends and the tubes with a couple of coats of galvanising spray which so far seems to be holding corrosion at bay. Im sure I could modify it so the trolley sits on the trailer but I haven't used the road trailer on the road since I took the boat to the boat club. If you would like to provide us with more information about your project, we have a more comprehensive enquiry form on our "Get in touch" page too.
It can look like a dished shape almost as though the roof has had something very heavy resting on it. A sagging in a roof can also cause tiles to slip down the roof because in Portugal the roof tiles are not nailed in place.

The timber used in a roof is not treated and usually it is not kiln dried so any wood worm already in the timber is now in its new home in your roof!
Wet rot is found in areas such as purlins and roof joists where a broken roof tile provided regular moisture from rain and the shade inside the roof space keeps it from drying out. If you home has roman tiles and you want to keep them it is best to install Unduline under tile sheeting to help hold them in place and provide some waterproofing. As a result many of these small factories are now long gone which may make it impossible to find replacement tiles if you have broken tiles. The section of the steel the bolt was going through rather than round the box I drilled a 12mm hole through the top only. Owners are proud of their cars but this is often difficult to convey to other enthusiasts who have never heard of Crossley, much less the model: Regis. There are other wood-boring insects here too all of which weaken the roof timbers and make them susceptible to dry rot.
They very often appear to be in fair condition but can rust through causing rain to enter the roof space.
This let me put in a piece of 12mm by 1mm wall thickness tube (which left a 10mm diameter hols for the bolt to fit through) which meant the nut of the ubolt was tightening against the tube, rather than trying to crush the box section steel. An elderly chap looking at my Regis - albeit, in Australia - commented that he did not know that Crossley made anything as new as my Regis - he obviously knew of the older, large cars for which Crossley Motors is famous. With this simple program and our support, you can own your own business, set your own prices and focus on sales, while we provide and ship your products, create and manage your business website content and even supply your personalized print marketing materials. The following account explains the facts of what a Regis actually is and gives the history of the car and how it was developed. Details of the SpecificationA and other aspect of the Regis areA covered to help Owners to keep their cars "on the road". Exactly What's IncludedYou choose any or all of our product lines to suit your business goals III. The new model was first described by the motoring press in August 1934 and showed a more modern style of car but with some rather a€?angulara€? features. A Website You Own, Content You LeaseWith our services, you own your own website, but we do the work VI. Sell!What you need to do to launch your own business, with our support team at your service!   I. The magazine incorrectly stated that the new bodyA  was to be the new standard body for the (new) Ten chassis. The body was a smarter, more modern design than the Ten although not quite as long as the subsequent Regis and possibly Gordon Macandrew saw this body and decided he could have a better one designed.
As business gets underway, the full technical and service support of our company and an assigned Wishihadthat representative are at your service. FS 9998 was the result.A This car is the special bodied car built by RanalaghA for the March 1934 RAC Bournemouth Rally, illustrated in The Autocar of 23rd March 1934. The later Regis of C F Beauvais design was slightly longer to provide a larger boot and also accommodate the six-cylinder engine option of the Regis. However, by the time the Crossley Regis appeared at the 1934 Motor Show, it was basically the same as Mr McAndrewa€™s car, Crossley having engaged Mr Beauvais to tidy up their body to the New Avon design. This became the standard Crossley Regis available in Ten and Twelve horsepower versions until the end of car production in 1937. Note the more angular coachwork when compared to the Beauvais-designed Regis Sports Saloon. These views are from Veteran and Vintage Magazine archives.A The chassis itself was modified from the Ten style basically in the shape of the main chassis side members.
You choose all or any of the product departments (shown in the navigation to the right) that best suit your business needs and goals. The older Crossley Tens had a parallel chassis to the rear engine mountings when the chassis angled sharply outwards to provide parallel side members from just behind the engine to the rear of the car.
This allowed the older style of body, with a full-width scuttle, to be supported by the chassis.
The Regis body, however, tapered from the a€?Ba€? post of the body towards the radiator and was supported on timber main sills that tapered to a point level with the rear engine mounts.
As shown, your site will include many links and images including catalogs, pricing guides and order forms in .pdf format. The rather heavier Regis model probably prompted Crossleys to offer the larger 12hp version to regain a€“ and surpass - the performance of the earlier Tens.
Business cardsWe can design and have business cards personalized with your business name, web and contact information.  Cards are provided at our cost - 1,000 cards minimum.
CD CatalogsArchitectural Decor CD Catalogs are available (2 sent free with your participation) and even personalize them with your business name on the cover and electronic pages, plus the right to download and reproduce unlimited copies of the CD.
UD 6393 was registered on 6th Novemebr 1934 and the Regis Sport Saloons cars were already at 100051 by 3rd November 1934 so both types of Regis were usingdifferent chassis number series it would seem.. See Chassis List page for more details.The first 100 chassis included Ten and Twelve horsepower cars. Mr J R I Crossley, one of the family members involved in the Crossley car empire, states, in correspondence to Motoring Historian, the late Michael Sedgwick, that a€?about six interim modelsa€? were built. In the records maintained by the Crossley Register, which includes some car details taken from the surviving records of Council Registration Records, the highest chassis number of cars shown within the four cylinder sequence is 100504. Even through the recent recession, demand for our products has grown. Customers are looking for them!  As an independent business, you can sell these products in your immediate area or anywhere else you choose to go, without territorial boundaries.
Similarly, no numbers are on record within the six cylinder sequence 100901 to 100999, suggesting that none were made within this series.
Six cylinder cars were, however, continued from 101001 upwards, the highest recorded being 101043, a registration record. Actual cars known to exist in this area are 101036 the 1936 Motor Show Twelve horsepower car (used by a Register Member until sold in 1968) and 101041 an existing car in preservation.
Your pricing, however, is completely at your discretion, providing you understand you'll need to cover your underlying wholesale cost. Under the circumstances, the number of Regises built may vary between about 900 and 1050, depending on whether or not the gaps mentioned were actually a€?gapsa€? and not just a lack of information. In this context, Coventry Climax engines used in the Regis had the chassis numbers of the cars to which they were originally fitted stamped on the edge of their flywheels.
A six cylinder engine has been found in Australia, JMC 155, showing a chassis number 100900. Item-by-item wholesale price lists will always be available to you via concealed (hidden from the public) links on your own business website after it is set up.   Just how good are our initial wholesale rates? This does not, unfortunately, prove that other cars were built with numbers within the 900 series.A A Several people have heard the story about a Regis being smuggled out of the Factory and being built in a garage workshop.
While wholesale rates may vary for some products, the discounts listed below are typical of the steep price reductions we offer wholesalers on products in each category.
This illegal act was discovered when the owner wanted spares and the chassis numberA quoted had not been issued by the Factory. Perhaps this more than rumour was actually a car quoted in the 100901 - 100999 series before the Factory had actually reached those numbers!A From the chassis numbers listed in the "Chassis List" page of this website, Cars between 1 and 100 were built in both 10 and 12hp versions.
Wishihadthat would prepare and crate the statue at no additioanl charge, and shipping rates might vary from $200 (West Coast) to $600 (East Coast). Some of our retailers report purchasing solid marble statues wholesale from us for just $3,000 and reselling them for $15,000. Taking the 10 hp cars as 100101 to 100504 gives us 404 cars plus the 20 from the first 100 series and that gives us 424 cars. With the 12 hp cars, 100601 to 101043 gives us 443 cars but the possible absence of the 900 series not being used reduces this to 343 cars. Whatever retail rates your market supports, your wholesale cost on these products is 40% off our list retail pricing, plus shipping. Wholesale Pricing for Wooden Fireplaces, Executive Furnishings, Ceiling Tiles, etc.
This suggests, since the final number made may well be higher than 100504 - for 10 hp cars or 101043 for 12 hp cars. Let usA estimate that 425 cars were built of both 10 hp and 12 hp cars - a total of 850 vehicles.
A select band of quality cars.A A four cylinder a€“ Ten horsepower a€“ car exists as chassis number 100121. A WEBSITE YOU OWN, CONTENT YOU LEASEWith our service, you own your own website, but we do the work The rapid set-up and ongoing maintenance of a personalized business website in your business name is a crucial component of Wishihadthat’s Independent Retailer Support Program packages outlined above. It was owned by an ex-Factory Foreman, Mr Jacques of Bury, Lancashire and had quarter lights operated by small wheels instead of the sliding locks normally fitted to the Regis - similar sliding locks were fitted to Jaguar XJ 6a€™s until recently.
The a€?wheela€? operation of quarter lights was used by the German firm Borgward in their a€?Isabellaa€? models of the 1950a€™s and early 60a€™s. Chassis 100039 (The late Ron Wilsdona€™s car, ABY 690 had the same quarter light treatment.) Such an item on the Regis may have been included as an added a€?attractiona€? to patrons at a Motor Show similar to the a€?cutawaya€? cars at modern Shows and the chromed chassis used by Crossley for some of its larger models at earlier Motor Shows.
We personalize the content and customize the product categories you choose to retailWhile the domain name is yours, Wishihadthat leases to you the website format and content you see on this site – personalized to introduce you to your customers, showcasing thousands of architectural decor products in categories you choose to make available through your retail business and placing business tools such as pricing guides and order forms at your fingertips.
Rumour has it that these latter items ended up as fill for the bomb craters within the Works during World War 2. Browse the right hand navigation column to see the products and tools you can make available to customers in your area.

What a terrible shame!A In Australia, the Regis types were supplied without bodies since this reduced import duty for the imported chassis. Within 24 hours, we launch your own independent business websiteIn one business day, we can have your website set up, open to the public and full of unique products— just as you see it here, but personalized and, of course, minus the Independent Retailer Support Program information. Bodies were often supplied by Ruskin Motor Bodies of Melbourne but some of the Motor Show cars displayed at the Melbourne International Motor Show in June each year had bodies to the UK design and may have been fully imported vehicles. Ruskins at least, had a design of their own for the Regis body, similar bodies being also built on Triumph Gloria chassis. In the Coach and Motor Body Builder of Australia and New Zealand, a Trade Journal, a design is illustrated in a 1935 edition for a six-light body on a Regis chassis, again quite different from the UK outline (a four light design) and advertised as a a€?streamlinea€? version.
All Independent Retailer Support Program information will be removed and the product categories you have chosen to retail will be visible to your customers. We will also provide two free hours of personal content upgrades per year, which can include adding additional pages of content at your direction.  We help post personal upgrades, like ads you sell or non-Wishihadthat product pages You have the option of selling and retaining income from ads on your personalized pages to offset the cost of your participation in our Independent Retailer Support Programs.
The “stock” content-controlled pages are not subject to change other than by Wishihadthat, but we can add additional pages (including pages featuring products from other sources) at your request, provided you supply the content to us and it is inoffensive. The Company was at the forefront of bright two-tone liveries on the Regis, having a second colour picking out the mudguards and running board and also the raised relief above the aluminium beading just below window level and continuing over the doors and windscreen.
You will assume all responsibility for annual hosting fees as well as handling any and all future maintenance services and fees.  Failure to pay annual renewal lease or the $100 conversion fee will forfeit both the content and domain name to Wishihadthat, Inc. To avoid overstating the colours, when two extremely contrasting colours were used, such as maroon (Tuscan Red) and fawn (Desert Sand) the secondary colour, fawn, was used only on the raised relief and not on the mudguards and running boards. In all cases, the raised concentric circle section of the wheel discs were also painted in the lighter colour.
We can ship directly to your customer, including any literature you send us to enclose with your orders.
LEGAL REQUIREMENTS TO NOTEDocuments you'll need to set up this business You do not have to obtain these items before we start setting up your business support services, but they are required before you can begin selling, so you'll want to get them as quickly as possible after signing up.  Doing Business As (“DBA”) License If you are operating your business or website using any name other than your natural name, you are required to secure a DBA license from your local government. Anecdotal evidence from different people indicates that Crossley Motors were well known as offering two tone a€?brighta€? colurs on their cars of the 1930a€™s and covers the Crossley Ten era as well as the later Regis. My own Regis, bodied by Ruskin MotorA Bodies of Melbourne, Australia, was originally dark green (Bottle Green) overpainted white at a later date. The wheels, however, had been painted silver on their outer sides only and the interior faces were what appeared to be an original duck egg blue although in slightly different shades due to weathering.
GET READY, GET SET… SELL!What you need to do to launch your own business, with our support team at your service! Ever had an opportunity knock on your door… one you later wished you had taken? In August, 1934, the Industry magazines described the squarer a€?interima€? design in great detail.
On the Motor Show stand for that year, Crossley exhibited both the a€?interima€? and Beauvais-designed cars.
Be prepared to pay your total $500 first year participation fee.  We stand ready to provide the support you need to make your new venture a success! Get set…Select Your Business Name Be prepared to suggest your business name.
After about January 1935, no further mention of a€?Regisa€? appears and only the Beauvaismodels were available a€“ in 10 and 12hp form. Later adverts appear to have been more general with comments such as a€?A precision built Crossleya€? or a€?A car with no nonsensea€?.. The Motor Show adverts for the 1935 Show used the theme of a€?Make a point of seeing the New Crossleysa€?, the illustration being a light-coloured Regis. Cook and Palmer, the main Crossley distributors for Londonused a drawing of a Regis with the slogan a€?To try it is to buy ita€?.
Some of these adverts have been available on ebay using the a€?Art Decoa€? slogan by the dealers selling them.A Letters to customers from Crossley Motors suggest that cars were not available sometime between January 1937 and September 1937, this latter date stating that the cars were not available due to other commitments of the Factory.
However, whilst not being confirmation of the end of production, it is interesting to note that The Motor magazine of 5th October 1937 carried an advert for Regis 4 and 6 cylinder cars as well as the 3 litre 20.9hp Sports Saloon. Cost 365, accept 215.a€? The advert was illustrated with a fine three quarter front offside view of the Beauvias Three litre saloon!
Exactly What's IncludedYou choose any or all of our product lines to suit your business goals III.
So much for advertising standards!A Brochures were always available for the Regis and appeared for the four cylinder a€“ red and gold and six cylinder cars a€“ blue and white. Right to the end of production, however, the illustration of the chassis in these brochures showed the dash area to be that of the original a€?interima€? model a€“ rather similar to the old Crossley Ten. The support for the dashboard showed the holes to allow glove boxes to be fitted in the dashboard itself so that the a€?interima€? model must have differed from the Regis Sports Saloon in this area as well. Even in the brochures for the 1936 cars where the 1640cc engine was mentioned, this a€?interima€? style of chassis was shown. From the outside, the car illustrated was invariably a light coloured car with a four cylinder grill a€“ even though the brochure was specifically for the six cylinder model.
Pass and Joyce were agents with showrooms in London and Manchester a€“ having also been involved with competing with a Ten in the RAC Rally to Torquay a€“ leading to one version of the Ten having this model name. Cook and Palmer in London advertised themselves for Regis sales and Gordon C McAndrew of Edinburgh who actually had the body design that lead to the Crossley Regis itself, was an agent until the Company stopped car production in mid 1937.A The Coronation Edition of The Autocar of May 1937 included a well-known Crossley advert showing a Regis, a Mancunian Streamline bus and a six-wheeled trolley bus in a coloured, glossy page establishing a€“ rather than actually advertising a€“ Crossleya€™s involvement in both car and commercial vehicle manufacture. The artista€™s illustration showed a hybrid version of the Regis a€“ neither the a€?interima€? nor Beauvais versions! The winning car referred to in the advert had been, however, a Crossley Ten of 1933 although this was not specified to the buying public. This has some truth in the context that they did buy some cars back that were offered for sale so that they could update the cars used by their staff. For example, BTD 272, the Maroon 1936 show car, chassis 101036, was registered on 1st November 1936 and purchased by Harwoods Ltd, the haulage and taxi firm in Darwen,Lancashire for use as a taxi.
They sold the car back to Crossleys in November 1940 and it was then used by Mr Whittaker, a bus salesman until about 1955. It would be unlikely and uneconomic for the Company to have literally a€?bought backa€? all their production so this shows the practical aspect of this rumour.
Whilst used by Mr Whittaker, the car was registered in his name but when he left the Company in 1955, it was Crossley Motors who sold the car to The Prince of Wales Motor Company of Moss Side, Manchester.
This firm was operated by Mr Small, one time employee of Crossley Motors who had travelled with the Prince of Walesa€™ overseas tours to service his fleet of Crossley cars. The car later ended up with a Mr Foster of Newton Heath, Manchester who raised the height of the rear shackles to tow a trailer with competition motor bikes that he used in Isle of Man TT Races.
By this time it was painted black and regrettably ended its days requiring some body repairs when the roof of the garage where it was stored collapsed on it. After the first twelve months or so, the Company was receiving more Military vehicle orders as well as commercial vehicle orders, mainly buses and space was at a premium at Gorton. Orders for the Regis were not high in number and it was decided by the Board of Directors to work on a three monthly basis of building these cars. Despite this, construction continued until well into 1937 after which it ceased completely. During early 1936, all finishing work on vehicles was carried out at the Companya€™s Hyde Factory although few Regis cars were taken there since production was by then running at a low level. Engines were number MC1501 upwards for four cylinder 1122cc units and the six cylinder engines were numbered JM 1xx upwards denoting 1476cc units.
Late in production, a larger six cylinder engine of 1640cc was introduced and these were numbers JMC 101 upwards. All the engines were of the inlet over exhaust configuration.Bodies were built on wheeled bucks and only transferred to their chassis when the main frame and panelling was completed, mudguards and running boards then assembled during the finishing process. Flooring and trimming and wiring was done once the body and chassis were joined.A The body was usually built by a team of workers with coachbuilding skills to a high standard - as often stated in the Crossley Motors publicity and Trade Press descriptions. Your pricing, however, is completely at your discretion, providing you understand you'll need to cover your underlying wholesale cost. Registrations in the chassis list show a Regis registration in April 1937 which would fit into this time slot. However, lack of accurate registration and sales information does not reveal an actual date at this stage and such statements are made with this in mind. Michael Eyre, (Part Author of a€?Crossleya€?) points out that Sales Staff are not known for their definitive statements amd may well say whatever they need to say to make a sale or explain why a sale is not possible at a certain time.
This car has been mentioned with its photograph in the Crossley Registera€™s Newsletter but no other information is available.A The late Michael Wylie, an automotive historian in Belfast has tried to find more information for me without success, before he passed away but, as he rightly said, Ireland has not a great liking for Crossley due to their use by the hated Black and Tans in the history of Ireland.
So much so that the Crossley Tender features sinisterly in various songs and verse recording these events.
This car was owned by Crossley Motors and was Chassis Number 100019 which would date it as 1934 but the car was not registered until 1936, presumably for the Rally.
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Chassis List Handbook Instruction Manual Specification.

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