The Rain Tree Lodge is located directly adjacent to the Colo-i-Suva national rainforest and park outside of Fiji’s capital, Suva. The boat is composed of modular sections of plastic bottles glued together with a layer of foam underneath to further aid in flotation, and some plastic sheeting for the seats and floor deck. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.
This is so fabulous, my friend and I are collecting bottles for this very purpose, to paddle around the Hamilton Lake (New Zealand). Un motivo in piu per non superare la cattiva abitudine di gettare nel cassonetto dell'indifferenziata le bottiglie. Con grande dedizione, il giovane argentino si cimentato nella costruzione di questa piccola imbarcazione, usando come elemento principale delle grosse bottiglie azzurre.
Quella creata da Tom Davies, neozelandese nativo delle Fiji, e una vera e propria barca realizzata con bottiglie di plastica da 600 ml. Industrial engineer Federico Blanc had a dream to float down Argentina’s gorgeous Parana River on a recycled kayak, and his vision recently came to fruition!
22-year-old student Jan Kara and 21-year-old mechanic Jakub Bures have embarked on an ambitious project involving 50,000 plastic bottles. Fed up with pollution and the lack of concern for the environment, the two young men wanted to take discarded plastic bottles and turn them into something functional.
Ultimately, they decided to build a boat and sail it across the Elbe, one Central Europe’s major rivers.
Finally, they assembled their collected bottles, making sure to fill them with dry ice (for extra buoyancy) just before sealing them shut. With another friend, Jan Brand, to help pedal their custom boat, the four guys set sail on July 12th.
This is the path that Kara and Bures are scheduled to journey across, from the town of Nymburk to Hamburg. Heh, I wasn't aware this had gotten much interest!If I may, I'd like to add that after constructing this boat, my father and I made another version of this as a kayak, skinned with bed sheets and house paint. Explorer, environmentalist, and British celebrity David de Rothschild will set out on a 11,000-mile (17,703-kilometer) journey across the Pacific Ocean at the end of March—in a boat made of plastic bottles.

Created from a special composite of recycled plastic, de Rothschild's boat is a 60-foot (18-meter) catamaran called Plastiki.
When Plastiki's voyage is over, the boat will be broken down and turned into emergency shelters, shipping pellets, clothes, and even more bottles. Listen to your favorite National Geographic news daily, anytime, anywhere from your mobile phone. The boat is built out of plastic bottles (including Fiji water bottles!) and a layer of foam, held together with glue. Tom, the owner of the lodge, built the boat earlier this year with the help of his employees. The boat building crew is also experimenting with a sandwich-style floating platform that could be used by farmers in Fiji to float their crops down river to the market.
Queste ultime infatti possono diventare la materia prima con cui costruire i mezzi 'marittimi' per i nostri passatempi estivi (e non).
These students used 50,000 plastic bottles to build a boat and it’s pretty impressive. Blanc collected dozens of plastic soda bottles and glued them together to create his fantastic blue kayak. I am sure LOADS of people would love to build one of these and help save the planet and have a lot of fun at the same time. If he had the right supplies, chances are he'd come up with something very similar to this PVC and duct tape boat. We ended up taking first place in the Rio Grande Raft Race with it in the homemade category!Thanks for the repost!
The expedition is also a way to highlight how materials can be re-used, said de Rothschild, a National Geographic Emerging Explorer and founder of the nonprofit Adventure Ecology.
The Great Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch, where ocean currents shepherd much of this debris, is twice the size of Texas.
It may look dainty, but surprisingly the boat can remain afloat supporting three large Fijian men as they paddle around in it.
Thinking that David de Rothschild and the Plastiki would be making a stop through Suva, the team had the boat all ready to welcome the world-famous plastic bottle boat.

The Rain Tree Lodge’s owner hopes that his experiments and designs can be used by Fijians to make use of the many plastic bottles being discarded in the country. Ed ecco 5 soluzioni per costruire barche, canoe o kayak utilizzando con le bottiglie di plastica.
La costruzione del kayak e servita anche a sensibilizzare i bambini delle scuole del luogo all'importanza del riciclo. Tutte le bottiglie sono state incollati insieme attraverso una speciale schiuma, posta alla base.
Simple, strong and eco-friendly, this boat can carry up to 2 people plus a cooler for when the rafters get hungry. Normally what I do is get home, separate the bottles (plastic, aluminum, and glass) and leave them in the alley for the salvagers.
The owner of the Rain Tree Lodge claims that this is be Fiji’s first plastic bottle boat and he hopes this boat will inspire other Fijians to reuse materials in their personal lives. Unfortunately, the Plastiki didn’t stop in Suva, but they still make use of the boat on the resorts lake next to the restaurant. Dopo aver effettuato alcuni test, Tom ha affermato orgogliosamente che la barca puo ospitare fino a tre persone adulte. Bottles come in all shapes and sizes, the #1 is the Kirkland plastic water bottle, which I figure I would need 400-6oo bottles to make a boat. The prototype canoe is made from PVC pipe, plastic sheeting, cord, and two empty one-gallon milk jugs with lids. And let's not forget MacGyver's favorite thing—duct tape.If you've even got the slightest bit of aquaphobia in you, I wouldn't suggest trying this makeshift watercraft out. Lo scopo e quello di raccogliere le bottiglie che sporcano le spiagge e al tempo stesso di preservare il bambu. But if you're more than comfortable on the open water in a boat made of plastic, then continue on to the instructions on how to build your own at Duckworks.

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