The order calls for one ship to be delivered in the Fall of 2014 with an option for a second ship for Spring 2015. Founded in 1795, Papenburg-based MEYER WERFT GmbH is currently owned by the sixth generation of the Meyer family. The largest ship ever built, during its lifetime, had four names: Seawise Giant, Happy Giant, Jahre Viking and Knock Nevis. Seawise Giant, built by Sumitomo Heavy Industries, took five years to build but the Greek owner who ordered the ship refused to take delivery.
Each cell will measure 80 feet tall and depending on its location on the hull from 50 to 100 feet wide and 50 to 120 feet long.
According to designers traditional shipbuilding methods would have been too expensive for such a large ship so they devised a way to build Freedom by assembling it at sea.
The vessel will be designed so people will feel like it’s a busy city rather than a cruise line.
David enjoys research and writing about cutting edge technologies that hold the promise of improving conditions for all life on planet earth. Royal Caribbean announced today that the third Quantum-class cruise ship will be named Ovation of the Seas. In addition to announcing the name, the first piece of steel was cut at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany.
Royal Caribbean's unnamed third Quantum-class cruise ship will have its navigation, lighting and communication systems provided by L-3 MSI. This ship will be the sister ship to Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas, both of which were previously equipped by L-3 MSI as well.
The third Quantum-class ship will receive a SAM Electronics NACOS Platinum navigation system comprising five X- and S-band radars serially linked to ten Multipilot workstations for combined display of ARPA, radar, ECDIS and conning functions in addition to those for automatic steering control and voyage planning.
Part of the specialty cruise ship software package also provides modes to support station-keeping with reduced fuel consumption and machinery wear.
Royal Caribbean has secured a financial loan to subsidize the cost of its third Quantum class cruise ship. The third Quantum class cruise ship will be finished sometime in mid-2016 and getting the loan is the next important step in building the new ship.
This will be the third Quantum-class ship, behind Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas.
Royal Caribbean announced today that it has signed an agreement to build a third Quantum class cruise ship with the Meyer Werft shipyard. Royal Caribbean expects the third Quantum class ship, which is yet unnamed, to be delivered sometime in mid-2016. Aside from the announcement that a third Quantum class ship is being built, there are no further details at this time. Royal Caribbean Blog is an unofficial fan blog written for other fans of the Royal Caribbean International.
I understand I will be contacted by MEI Travel regarding booking a Royal Caribbean cruise and am interested in booking a cruise.

Emerald Belle will launch in early 2016 as part of Emerald Waterways' fleet, which won the 2014 Cruise Critic's Editors' Pick award for Best New River Ships. Star Cruises has commissioned the construction of a brand new US$957 million mega cruise vessel specially designed for the Asian market.
The SuperStar Virgo is currently the largest vessel in the Star Cruises fleet at 75,338 tons.It is currently based in Singapore. Although the new ship has not been named, it is expected to be delivered in the latter part of 2016. In order to better serve the preferences of Asian guests, the vessel will offer more than 1,000 square metres of retail space showcasing a range of luxury products. In a statement released by the company, Star Cruises indicated that the new ship will be tailor-made to satisfy the demands of the Asian market. Star Cruises plans to take advantage of a number of new port infrastructure development projects in Hong Kong and other Asian cities that will enable larger vessels to dock.
With its renowned world-class Asian style of hospitality, Star Cruises plans to offer its guests in Asia the ultimate freestyle cruising experience.
When it comes to in-flight entertainment, it doesn't get any more inconsistent than Philippine Airlines. Last October, I started thinking about different places to go for my annual vacation in 2014. Air New Zealand has announced that it plans to begin non-stop flights to Manila from Auckland beginning in December of this year.
Yes, 58 year old Francois Zanella spent over 28,500 hours designing and building the cruise ship you see above. With nothing more than what he learned from engineering classes, college student Will Foster built a fully-operational, half-scale Tiger tank. Expected for delivery between 2019 and 2020, the new ship is one of four to be launched by Carnival Corp. Like its fleetmates Royal Princess, Regal Princess and Majestic Princess (scheduled to debut summer 2017), the unnamed 3,560-passenger ship will include Princess staples such as a soaring atrium, Movies Under the Stars and balconies in 80 percent of the cabins, as well as a number of "new to the line" features. Among the remaining three new ships, two will be built for Costa Asia and one will join P&O Cruises Australia's fleet. The P&O Cruises Australia ship will become the sixth and largest in the fleet, launching after the 2,250-passenger Pacific Explorer. The 158,000 Gross Registered Tons (GRT) new build will carry just over 4,100 guests based on double occupancy. I am very happy we are continuing our long time partnership with Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. It was an Ultra Large Crude Carrier (ULCC) and had a displacement of 657,019 tons, a draft of 81 feet (24.6 m) and was considered the largest self-propelled man-made object ever built. After a lengthy legal battle the vessel was sold to a Hong Kong company that added container carrying capacity to the vessel. These steel cells, each about 300 x 400′ long, will be floated out to sea and joined to form the complete ship.

Freedom will be big enough to accommodate residents, plus 15,000 employees and 20,000 daily guests and have four times as much roaming space in square feet per person than most modern cruise lines.
The wealthiest residents will live in 15 x 80′ ocean view apartments and be able to board private Jets on the roof top airport or yachts tethered to the ship for local excursions. This will new ship will be the sister ship to Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas, both of which are set to be built as well. All five of the line's "Star Ships" are built on the same basic design and include an innovative dual-purpose area at the aft of the ship that transforms from an indoor, heated pool with retractable roof during the day to a cinema at night. The new vessel will feature 18 decks, more than 1,600 cabins and space for up to 4,500 passengers. The 150,000 tons ship will boast a wide range of facilities including a state-of-the-art theatre and 33 food and beverage outlets including restaurants, bars, and cafes serving a wide range of Asian and International cuisine. The Philippines recently revealed a plan to develop eight cruise tourism gateways in the country at ports in Manila, Subic, Davao, Bohol, Boracay, Cebu, Boracay, and Zamboanga.
It's not just for looks, this fierce looking vehicle comes equipped with paintball-shooting air cannons.
The 135,500-ton Costa Asia ships -- which will feature the line's "Italy's finest" experience -- are a nod to the line's commitment to China and the Asia Pacific region. The line's rapid growth coincides with that of Australia's, which has seen an average annual passenger growth rate of 20 percent over the past decade.
MEYER WERFT's extensive production program covers a wide range of ship types, from cruise ships and gas tankers, to car and passenger ferries. She was sunk during the Iran-Iraq war but was salvaged and restored into service and was sold to India for scrap metal in 2009.
The ship will also feature 19 recreational outlets including a waterpark, aqua slides and a number of health and fitness facilities.
This all-in cost includes the yard's base contract price plus everything needed to design, operate and build the vessel, from architect fees to supervision costs and all loose inventories from computers to art and bed linens.
Their projects always present incredible opportunities for Meyer Werft to create the latest cutting edge hardware in the cruise industry," said Bernard Meyer, managing partner of Meyer Werft shipyard. In order to stay successful in worldwide competition, production technology has been continuously extended.
The cruise line boasts a fleet of five vessels cruising from a number of Asian ports in China, Malaysia, and Singapore to various destinations throughout Asia.
Most recently, the SuperStar Aquarius made her maiden voyage to Boracay and Manila at the beginning of November.

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