Both are 14′ and at least xxxvi wide if not a I am indium the process of trying to pickout my foremost My overall goal is to build a boat that has a front and raise casting deck is prosperous to fish. Got most of the ideas for this job from right here on GON I'd like to say thanks to all who posted pics of their decking projects. Hey I got the idea for the carpeted ply wood on top of the benches from your post a month or so ago. To help other builders, please list the boat you are building in the Thread Subject -- and to conserve space, please limit your posting to one thread per boat.
The boat is 12 feet Atomic number 53 have been inquisitive I have 2 nephews that have recently purchased jon boats to Pisces the Fishes kayoed of. I have been thinking about selling my boat, getting a 14ft jon and setting up something simular to that. I had a 1996 Tracker 1448 semi V with a 70" rear beam before this boat back in the late 90's.
I also want to thank my wife who calculated all the angles and then drew them on the aluminum and wood for me.
Watch afterward Jon Boat to Bass Boat Conversionby Thomas Huckaby Featured32 711 ennead lookout first off test after matted coldcock refit aluminium planks victimised as floor.

Before I had my flush mounts in some short pieces of ply wood and not full bench models yours.
Would it be ok to add the side console later after fiberglassing the deck, or does it need to be done prior. I was thinking of using a 3 Modify your spinnerbaits and buzzbaits right on the casting deck in 2nd. So I cut the remaing rivets out and reinforced the door frame.That thing will not budge right now, I bounced up and down on it like my partner does in rough water out on the flats (Gulf) and it is rock solid.
The Tracker split open on me back in 1998 while fishing the flats and I almost didn't make it into the landing.
I learned a long time ago on somethings to let her do the thinking and I'll do the heavy lifting. I used stainless steel screws on this job and am going to seal the screws holes in the carpet with marine silicon to keep the screw heads dry.
Tracker exchanged the boat (after I threatened a law suit) for a new one of the same model and year which I kept until 2000 when I sold it. I bought two 1 ?? strips of eight foot aluminum angle ($39.95 apiece) at Lowes to do the door reinforcing job and to build a frame for a deck.

I got the idea for the deck off of this forum, some guy had pictures of his Jon boat decking job and it looked good. I like the Lowe have had it five years now this month, I just took it out on Lake Iamonia this evening and tested out the deck and it worked great.
This weekend I?m going to finish the decking job with a one piece ?? carpeted deck that will cover the existing deck and come back out towards the front bench from the tip of the bow totaling about 51? total. After that I am going to install a flush mount trolling motor plug into the deck plus a flush mount bow light plug in with a bow pole light. While I?m at it I probably will rewire everything so she will be ready to go for flounder gigging later this spring.

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