Westermans’ customer Damir Lukic, purchased a Fronius 2700 alu edition pulse mig welder from us to aid his fabrication project of building a boat! Here we will be posting updates from Damir and his site to show his progress throughout the build, and you can share advice and add any comments that you have for him.
From prototyping to cutting the steel and polishing the deck, a project like this is going to be your baby for the foreseeable future! 1980 U-1 Miss BudweiserJust how big is the Roll-Royce Griffon engine that powers the 1980 Miss Budweiser?
Here's a video explaining ourpart# SG118H hull kit modified to make,Master Hull# 96981998 - 1999 U-20 Appian Jeronimo. Here’s a closeup of the bottom of the RC boat, the Jink, and how we contoured the jet flat in the keel-to-flat transition. By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, create your own image gallery to share with everyone, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact us by clicking here.
I am still thinking about that not decided yet, It will be run in the Gas Sport class so it is a little open.
The build has been on hold for a little while I have a few props comming and I will get back to it.
If this is your first visit, please click the Sign Up now button to begin the process of creating your account so you can begin posting on our forums! So anyway I thought I'd have some fun & scratch build myself an airboat from crashed plane parts. This boat may see some service as a rescue boat for downed seaplanes so I want to be able to reverse to make that job easier.
As she's only a baby airboat, I'm using 5mm DollarTree foam-board for the majority of this build. Nah, half the fun is in the build, besides it's only taken me a couple of days to get the hull built.

Yeah I don't expect much speed in reverse nor do I really need much, just enough to back out of trouble or help her position around a downed plane or whatnot. Its been suggested (on another forum) that I install a prop guard if I'm to use this as a rescue boat. The idea being this is used only when needed, the rest of the time she's a regular airboat.
I'm thinking with that setup, I can probably get away without needing a prop guard, maybe *shrug*. Awesome build, way to use some new materials that I havnt seen used before - I would be a little woried about the foam board flexing although it is pretty well braced. I sand blasted the paint off the hull and Patched the rough parts with Epoxy resin and Milled CF with a small amount of Cab-o-sil. I know airboats can be pretty squirly so I may mess around with a little gyro stabilization fun.
The props don't work too well in reverse, and you will have no steerage, but it is possible.
I'm also kinda curious what slamming her in reverse will do when she's at full speed, might make for some interesting maneuvers *evil grin*.
To get a real feel for the size of this magnificent engine, think about this: the Griffon is six times bigger than the 358 cubic inch engines that power modern NASCAR racers.
This Pro boat was aquired on RR for the price of a 8L Hacker motor about four or five years ago. I am going to test the bottom as is in Primer I think that the botorm will need to be modifyed to keep from blowing over at high speeds. I'm still thinking what I might do with the other four channels, lights would be nice but none of the parks or ponds around here are open at night. The engine in the 1980 Griffon Budweiser is bigger than all the motors in the first three rows of cars at the Daytona 500 put together!But raw horsepower isn’t enough. It has to be combined with a hull big enough, strong enough, and stable enough to handle that power.

Her honeycomb aluminum construction made her extremely strong, and her radical design made her fast and stable.
The Bud, designed and built by the legendary Ron Jones Sr., featured a cockpit dramatically offset to the left, deeply shingled sponsons and a massive skid fin.
All three features worked to produce a boat that could carry tremendous speed into the corner. The Bud was driven by Dean Chenoweth, arguably one of the best drivers ever to step into a race boat.From the moment that the 1980 Griffon Budweiser hit the water, she was almost unbeatable. She won her first five races, and it wasn’t until the final head of the sixth race of the season (at Tri-Cities, Wash) that the Bud even lost a heat!While attempting to qualify in Seattle, the mighty Juggernaut lost her rudder and cartwheeled end over end. But before the accident the Bud had already won the Gold Cup and accumulated enough points to coast home to the National Championship with the help of a few different backup hulls.1981 was another record-setting year. She also brought home her second straight National Championship.1982 started well for the Bud team.
By the time the fleet reached the Tri-Cities, the Bud team felt that they have something to prove. In 1983 and ’84 Kropfeld and the Bud won 10 races and the 1984 National Championship.
By 1985 it was clear that turbine engines were the way of the future, and the mighty Juggernaut was sold to Jerry Kenny, who replaced the Griffon engine with an Allison.Eventually the boat found its way into the hands of Eric Mann and Jerry Fiorito, the owners of Unlimited Excitement. The turned the boat over to the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum restoration staff, lead by Gale Whitestine. Museum volunteers have spent thousands of hours completing the most detail restoration ever attempted on a race boat.

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