Remote control cars are extremely entertaining and are one of the most popular toys in the world. Make sure the remote control car kit includes two axles, four tires and the housing for the handheld remote control device, which will be used to control the car. Bolt the two-way radio frequency electrical motor to the passenger's side corner on the front of the car's steel plate. Strip some of the coating from the motor's steering wire (which is usually red or green) and crimp the ends of the steering wire around the knob on the bottom right of the front axle.
Glue two pairs of resistors to the inside wall of the housing of the handheld remote control device using the rubber cement. Drill a small hole through the wall of the housing in the middle of the 1-inch space, then place the 4-inch steel rod through the hole.
Snap the rotating steel head with the electrode to the end of the bar that is inside the remote control housing.
Strip some wire coating from the end of the trigger wire and crimp the ends of the wire around one pair of resistors. Close the remote control housing by snapping the two halves together and screw the antenna onto the top of the remote control device.

Purchase the two-way radio frequency electrical motor from a hardware store or from an industrial distributor.
Be sure to buy the necessary lithium-ion battery to go with the specific type of electric motor you purchase for your car. The Remote Control (RC) Helicoptes we see on TV or at the park are spectacular electronic toys. The combination of spy products and a remote control helicopter simply intrigues me, can you blame me? This Do It Yourself project creates the Helicopter from left over electronic products and their salvagable parts, such as Hard Drives. You could also find additional aerial solutions by simply getting Electric RC model airplanes already built for aerial photography or stick to the spy cam area by learning how to build spy cam sunglasses. If you are a Geek who likes New Gadgets, cool Technology or fun Designs and want to write about it, let us know! Many enthusiasts build their own remote control cars so they can customize the engine, steering capabilities and other features.
Hold the tires in place by screwing washers onto the ends of the axles with the adjustable wrench.

Use the wire strippers to remove some of the coating at the end of the motor's lead wire and attach the lead wire to the copper ring around the right side of the front axle. Snap the plastic knob from the remote control kit to the end of the steel rod outside of the housing. If, after extensive use, the car does not run, check to make sure the battery still has power before troubleshooting other areas of the car.
In a sense they provide us the freedom to control flying machinery and also grant us the ability to fly (or an alternative to it).
It goes through with detail how to build the Helicopter, attach the servos, and how to build a spy cam for it.
This DIY project outlines how to build your very own remote control helicopter that has a wireless spy cam for photography and view.
Just imagine the ability to eaves drop or record people without their knowledge from the air – a little appalling isn’t it?

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