James May's Lego HouseTop Gear's James May is making every child's dream a reality and actually building a house out of Lego. The project was part of James May's BBC2 series "James May's Toy Stories" and, staying true to the spirit of the task, he made 600 free tickets available to anyone who fancied popping along to build a section - he even suggested they brought their unwanted Lego. Your Message…Some cool man this iss awsome but i have no time to start to build one! This week DWC’s 2012 employment workshops kicked off with a session on commuication skills.

The course was built around a variety of tasks that demonstrated aspects of communication skills.
A big thank you to Janet Spicer from Remploy Derby, who came the the women’s centre to deliver the workshop. New York-based Click 3X and its interactive division, ClickFire Media, has produced an integrated, stop-motion animated campaign to help LEGO Systems, Inc.
We've launched an all-new version of Coloribus.It's a brand new set of tools for the perfect workflow.

Women received some advice on how to communicate more effectively and become more aware of the importance of listening and body language.
For one task, the group split off into two teams. A member from each team went outside to look at a house made from lego, and after went back to tell the rest of their team how to build a replica.

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