Clubs, lounges and showtime venues will be here - I just noticed the ugliness near the bridge, I'll fix it later!
I love the layout of the city and the lots are wonderful, I agree with Reach that the Luxor Museum looks a lot like the real one. Luxor's weather is usually cloudy - because I wanted to give a city atmosphere to the world.
I am unable to post images -_- So you can follow the progress on my blog, this thread will no longer updated. I'm not sure I ever saw your first thread but I wish you every success with Luxor, this time around. I'm glad you like it Now I'm working on the luxury area, also I built some lots which are in city area, I'll post some pictures soon! I agree with Nilxis that some sunny days are a benefit to the world for the player but I think color wise, it's looking pretty good and I don't find it depressing.

How to build a rc fishing boat
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