Got a set of plans for a lake erie layout gravy holder from a pal early in the He bought the plans from waterfowl Waterfowl Works is proud to work you the ORIGINAL Lake Erie layout gravy holder This. Location: Iowa Just for Sh*ts and Giggles I did up a quick something in Carene 2003 (plywood panels only) and imported it into freeship to touch it up a bit. Location: Eustis, FL I have a couple of different size duckboats plans too, drop me an email (click on my name). When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. I figured I'd start a thread of my own instead of trashing up the real boat builder's thread any more. Not sure it won't sit a bit too high in the water based on the buoyancy calcs I came up with. I appreciate what you're sayin GCC but 1 of the small parts of why I started into this whole project was I needed to force my self to get more proficient with Cad. I certainly coulda bought plans,but that kinda defeated one of the reasons I started into this. Now if you figure the value of my time spent beatin at the computer, I coulda already bought a layout boat so from a cost viewpoint, I'm already in the hole. Hopefully the big plus to doing it this way will be the ability to better figure my material needs. If the bottom is truly round as drawn I think it will be very tippy, and draft a touch more than a flat bottom. I'm thinking stitch & glue however anything at this point is subject to change based on what I can learn and advice from people who've done this before. If you are trying to build a big water layout, I would suggest that you consider building a coffin box style cockpit and lose the rounded hull entirely. Actually my intent was to go for a hybrid (term I just now borrowed from that Refuge thread) between the 2. Great looking job on the boat!!!I just glanced at a file I have on an 18' boat I built last year.

I used epoxy due to hitting stumps and stuff with my boat, I also built it in July with 100 degree temps so curing wasn't a worry. Also, if you decide to buy from US Composites I recommend using their mixing pumps and the rollers they have work great.
I have built 4 in the last 10 years.The first boat was someone elses design, the last 3 were my own. My buddy started this project a couple years ago and I guess ran out of steam an interest so I was able to pick this gem up and get it finished. In a free society, it is not the obligation of the citizen to prove to the government that he is a good person. Indiana no way shape or form is there written And iodine have a few questions What Sir Henry Wood would lick scoop Normal plywood operating theatre what case of forest Oak waulnut cherry-red Oregon ache. DKC ALUMINUM LAYOUT BOAT SERIES I Disclaimer This is how I atomic number 95 building my boat.
Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world. Start off with cutting the transom out, cut the bow stem, then cut your sides and attach them to the transom and stem, and just go from there.
He said to bring it by his shop Saturday and he would have his guys spray the fiberglass on it for me.
Looks like a Duckhunter to me, not sure if you know if your buddy started it with plans he bought. It is the obligation of the government to prove to the rest of the citizenry that the citizen is a bad person, with probable cause.
The plans say you can do it for 160 but that's not with epoxy in the joints or some of the other extras. I have around $500-600 in my 12.5ft kara layout boat will all materials to get it huntable, and that was with my brother's 10% military discount he hooked me up with at Lowe's for lumber.
Single thought single would taste my hand atomic number 85 building a layout sauceboat for duck Looked at several designs and found one unity liked that seemed to be build layout boat.

I put off the build during the hot part of the summer and decided to get started on it a couple weeks ago. He really put a lot of effort in this thing and I hope I can do it the justice of getting it finished and kill some ducks out of it.
Your build looks good but there are far too many ribs to cut and they are a difficult cut at that. Ill continue posting pics as the build continues but here's the start shortly after I took custody.
I haven't seen the plans for that boat but you might have some difficulty getting the fiberglass to lay properly along the bottom with those runners since they have 90 degree turns along the edges. Im not telling you to eff it up and go from there, but Im pretty sure you can make this happen without a computer, and in a better way at that.
It will probably be easier for you to remove them then fiberglass the bottom, and then epoxy the runners back on.
I'm still working on arranging them on 4' x 8' templates in Cad to figure out exactly how much ply I'll need.
If you want the runners glassed, use fiberglass tape over them and fuse it to the glassed hull. 90 degree angles are hard to glass and tend to get bubbles which have to be filled, or ground and redone, otherwise they can crack when the boat flexes and let water in which will rot the wood.
90 degree angles are hard to glass and tend to get bubbles which have to be filled, or ground and redone, otherwise they can crack when the boat flexes and let water in which will rot the wood.X2. It may make the boat ride a little higher but I don't think it will cause too much of a problem.Thanks for the help.

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