Feel free to contact us with your MOCs or Custom Minifigures if you would like to see here. It is worth a look, and reveals just how much thought and time goes into designing an official Lego set.
Minecraft and Lego fans get to vote on various details, such as the shape and articulation of the Creeper, the possible biome settings, etc. Only Minecraft has expanded on the idea, creating a world where nearly anything can be made.

One of the huge announcements based on community feedback is that the final sets will have no stickers. It's probably even more accurate to say that Minecraft is the digital embodiment of LEGO Mindstorms, thanks to all the working, moveable parts and ingenious in-game engineering that make Minecraft a functional, living world.But if you take the crafting table and redstone away, it's like basic childhood LEGOs all over again, so it's refreshing to see Chris Malloy taking Minecraft back to old school bricks in an impressive Minecraft and LEGO mashup. He recently built his Minecraft diorama out of LEGOs, complete with passive pigs, pixelated landscape, and an underground cave system.He first unveiled his diorama at Brickcon 2011 back in October, but posted it online for all to see the day before MineCon and the official release of Minecraft.
Here's a few more examples from Flickr user suparMacho:Have you recreated any Minecraft scenes with LEGOs?

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