We talk a lot about what one can do with an upper deck and why every pontoon boat owner should invest in one. Just got a used 26'Misty Harbor and are in the redoing stage..we would like to add a upper sun deck, so any and all information ,pics and ?? Welcome, glad to have you with us, any weld shop worth a dam should be willing to build it for you, post some pictures so we can see what your working with, one picture is worth a thousand posts. Pontoon boats with an upper deck not only look great, are a lot of fun, but are in high demand.
With hurricanes in the east and monsoon storms in the southwest, the rain will threaten to rot the wood on your deck. The absolute perfect excuse to take your pontoon boat out on the lake and watch the fireworks.
Having a hard time finding anyone that will do this , so if anyone knows someone in California or Arizona area that could give us some help that would evenbe better.
A bimini canopy can help protect from rain but is it good at protecting against rotting wood?

Because our upper deck kits are not just coverage, but are designed to create a second story on a pontoon boat; it makes the perfect hard top tent.
This pontoon is going to be used on the Colorado River only so no worries about trailering. To seal the first deck in, you can always pin tarps and other tent like fabric to create the perfect tent out on your boat.
It is like a roof for the pontoon boat, and is designed to keep the boat and passengers protected from weather damage with full coverage from the sun.
If you want your pontoon boat to maintain it's value throughout it's life, add an upper deck (or sun deck.) CASE STUDY!
We are not only offering a DIY Upper deck kit, but we are offering a product that will expand the possibilities and excitement of your boat. Simple, get up on an upper deck.  Invest in a do it yourself upper deck kit by J's Upper Deck and it'll get you up! Adding an upper level to your pontoon boat will give you the height you need to see over any crowd or boat.

The upper decks are built with a thicker aluminum to handle multiple passengers and actually increase the size of your boat. Also, getting rid of the bimini canopy and replacing it with an upper deck will save you time. The upper deck will give you shade until the sun goes down, then create the perfect place to have your fourth of July picnic on.
If you are looking at adding an upper deck for your pontoon boat and have a question, feel free to drop us a line and ask. An upper deck is truly a roof that will protect any pontoon boat deck from rain, sun, or any random weather disaster this summer like hail.

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