Folding Bike Concept by Kilo Estudio Folding bike design evolves every single day in order to provide us with best transportation, easier and more efficient in big cities. I agree with it looking an awful lot like Wally, plus the bow of that ship is awfully dangerous in case it hits a wave it would probably flip itself. I am looking for information with regards to the design, and detail drawings, In AutoCAD format, either .dwg or.
For 16 to 22 foot aluminium boat design, similar to boston whaler designs, centre console type layout.
I am conversant with autuCAD, and have TIG welding experience, but am looking for designs with cutting schedules that could be profled by CNC machines to allow for ease of assembly.
There are several designers in Australia that offer plans or plasma cut kits for small vessels.
Phil Curran of CDM Marine and Gavin Mair are two of the top alloy designers here on the west coast and they have websites. I have a 28 foot trailerable boat in alloy suitable for experienced builders but it is not a kit boat. I have the original design for the prototype available but I am reworking the underwater lines for a stern drive leg (there needs to be more displacement aft for the change of LCB), which also affects the performance potential for the boat. The second generation hull will have a 120 hp diesel stern drive (although a four stroke outboard is possible) and will have a top speed of 20 to 22 kts and a cruise of 18 to 20. After I have built the prototype I will use the corrected sections to put together a plasma cut kit. Location: Western Australia Alloy plate for hull Yes, I can see it would be tempting to use surplus plate to build a hull, and if it is a marine grade alloy (5000 series) it may save you some dollars up front.
Overall, I think the hassle factor of building in tread plate would result in an inferior boat. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. These words may well be attributed to the yacht Mariette, year of construction of which dates back to 1915.
Design studio BMW DesignworksUSA presented to the audience its new development in the field of industrial design yachts.
Lamborghini Poweryacht – this is a great concept and high-speed luxury yacht design by young Italian designer Mauro Lecchi in collaboration with the designer of sports cars Lamborghini. The idea of using solar and human power to drive vehicles is nothing new but each new design that applies these principles is at least a step in the right direction – away from fossil fuels. Perhaps the best part about these designs is that they push the boundaries of current thinking and appropriate green technologies for seemingly everyday uses.
I am not sure how practical this designs are, I mean – is the solar power is ebough to run the boat?
Don't forget you would charge it up before you went out as well so you could get most of your traveling done without sun or pedals. Cand aveti nevoie de o masina de inchiriat de la oricare din cele doua aeroporturi (Baneasa sau Otopeni) apelati cu incredere la Rentacarfirst ce va pune la dispozitie cele mai bune oferte pentru inchirieri auto baneasa.
I have been looking at building a boat for a bit now, I am looking at the Vagabond 20' or 23' as a trailer sailor, large enough for a weekend sail with the kids and small enough to haul.
If so what did you find challenging about the build or what improvements would you suggest?
Location: Australia It might be a bit too sporty for your requirements but a current design for home building that is gaining momentum is the i550.
Nice looking craft, I'll take it into consideration ,and review it today, I appreciate your replies, good budget to build as well I see. That said a 20-25 ft is a great size and trailerable, although I can set a mooring at his place and not have to worry about the trailering so much. Location: OREGON Scroll down to see a very pretty sailboat called the Kingston Lobster Boat. Originally Posted by rasorinc Scroll down to see a very pretty sailboat called the Kingston Lobster Boat.

Best, Stan I agree rosorinc that is a beautiful boat, and thanks for the post, I have a issues of the woodenboat magazine and they have a nice weekender in the latest issue. Location: New Brunswick, Canada I really appreciate the input from everyone, it is reassuring that a boat build is in my future and to have the many folks here to pick their brains. I am relatively new to the entire nautical lifestyle, enjoyed a few boats in my youth, and enjoyed learning to sail and am so excited to get a build going! I hate to be the devil's advocate here, but building a boat is a big commitment in terms of time, money and effort. We have been sailing as the crew on the Allyance,(brother-in-law's) a 27ft Hunter, for a few summers now, and both my wife and I love it. I have the full support of my wife on the build (as long as the other regular house maintenace doesn't go slack LOL).
I really liked a lot of the reasons behind the CLC Pocketship as detailed in the Woodenboat article and on the CLC website.
I am now on my THIRD build and i know it sounds absolutely CRAZY that i started another small build in the middle of my big build, but what i learned this time around will save me MANY hours of time further down the line. The learning curve is endless and i can now absolutely prove it - that by building a small dinghy first, you do save time and money.
Location: Exeter, CA Waterworld Trimaran I am a new guy-been looking on for a week or so finally signed up. If I were you, I'd start with a rowboat for kids, maybe something made of underlayment plywood. Originally Posted by big-boss I am a new guy-been looking on for a week or so finally signed up. Location: Exeter, CA I know what an ORMA 60 is- I have MAPQUEST just like you guys! Originally Posted by big-boss I know what an ORMA 60 is- I have MAPQUEST just like you guys! You aren't going to make one unless you have a boat shop and experience with composite construction.
As a boat building project it would be a hassle and turning it into a nifty whiz-bang neato Water World boat would ruin it. Seriously - if you want a big tri like that you'd be far better off buying a second hand one. In 1994, Jeanneau Advanced Technologies (JAT) who produced the Lagoon range of catamarans, manufactured two specialist trimarans for the Kevin Costner film Waterworld.
Chris Ostlind Previous Member   Yes, there were two Waterworld tris. I found this page that looks at the boats in question, though the material is not up to date with photos.
Location: Exeter, CA After a little studing after your ideas- Damn that ORMA 60 is a big boat. Chris Ostlind Previous Member   If you are really serious about a 40' trimaran and have the desire to learn how to build, then you should talk with naval architect, Jim Antrim in the SF Bay area. Originally Posted by Chris Ostlind If you are really serious about a 40' trimaran and have the desire to learn how to build, then you should talk with naval architect, Jim Antrim in the SF Bay area.
The F-39 is on my medium list, I like Farrier's stuff to a point and it is the biggest folder around. Location: Auckland, New Zealand Kurt Hughes has a bunch of Tri designs in the c.
The same is not just confined to the cars or bikes, but also to other means of transport like boats.
These normally cost a couple of thousand Australian dollars more than you could buy the alloy plate for, but they are often well researched and designed kits. The current vessel has a 70 hp inboard diesel and has a top speed of arounf 15 knots with a cruise of 20 to 14 kts. I have not built the second generation hull yet, so I have only the developed frame sections, which do not always match the shape you get in the real world.

If you are in this part of Australia you can come and look at the prototype, which has been in the water for 12 months.
Some of the 5000 series alloys are not as stiff as 5083, which is what is normally used for hull construction, and you would need to allow for that. The cost of the hull materials is a very small part of the overall price of any boat and any compromise you make in construction can seriously affect the value of the boat.
Yachts are equipped with modern equipment, and their degree of comfort will satisfy even very demanding person. The second yacht was born in the Italian town of La Spezia and technical characteristics to the yachts in their class now issued much later. During the Second World War, carrying the watch off the coast of the United States, hunting down German submarines, and I must say much has succeeded in doing so.
One could envision a small fleet of these replacing rent-a-boats at various tourist destinations around the world.
The solar and pedal option just extends the range to as far as your feet and the sun will let you! Rentacarfirst are cel mai diversificat portofoliu de masini cu reviziile la zi si va asteapta sa va bucurati de experienta inchirierii unei masini. The construction is pretty complex and there are nicely depreciated ones that can be picked up for not too much money.
The film provided exposure of the fantastic designs of Marc Van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot-Prevost as well as Jeanneau craftsmanship to a worldwide audience.
One went to somewhere in Florida last I heard and the other was completely refitted and is living in San Diego, going by the name of LoeReal.
He's a world class designer of incredibly fast multihulls with several offerings in the size range you mention.
This new concept boat by industrial designer Andrew Bedov, promises to be an eye catcher and designed with traffic stopping looks. They are normally complete with all alloy needed and can include alloy windows pre-made if required. I will do a plasma cutting schedule for the prototype but the frame sections will have a trimming allowance. Still, you get to toss out the pricey gas costs associated with most water cruisers and relax in the sun when the weather is nice and pedal your way to shore when it isn’t.
Sufficient power storage is a must so that pedaling is kept to a minimum and done only in emergencies. Building a current design with a growing fleet might be a cheaper option as the resale value will be better. To me it is obvious-had the welding been better he would have simply been out farther before failure, IMO. I will be down south next month I will have to poke around and see if I can at least see one. He designed a bicycle uses tube laser technology, receiving great enthusiastic from […]Manta Bay Cruiser Was Designed With Great Concideration Of The Enviroment This new boat design will sure be cynosure of all eyes while also gaining brownie points as an eco friendly concept. Andrews NB or Grand Manan, but for the most part as mentioned before mostly river sailing.
The Manta Bay Cruiser as it is called is a concept that has put to use […]Luxury Hoesch Sensamare Bathroom Design Tired of using that same bathroom everyday? Because of the shrinkage rate of alloy during welding, anything that can be bent rather than welded should be taken advantage of.
The two tiered boat design is aerodynamic, which ensures that the boat cruises through waters while it cuts through air. Try out this unique and new line of showers and bathtubs known as the "Sensamare" designed by Professor Gunther Horntrich.

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