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This is one of those projects that really doesn't need to be done - but it is something that if you do it, the boat becomes customized to your personality. While the dock box itself doesn't qualify for an under $100 project, the lettering of the dock box does. If you were not aware of it, the term "brightwork" as it applys to boats refers to wood finishes. The limitation to using this adapter is that you will only be able to supply either 15Amp or 20Amp service to the boat.
As long as you use 12AWG cable and the connectors as specified, this adapter should handle 20 Amperes without any problems. Even in fresh water, if the boat sits in a slip all summer, and especially if the water it sets in is polluted, or the boat is connected to shorepower, the potential for corrosion raises.
True Customer ServiceWith an open mind, we listen to YOU the customer, we value your suggestions, WE WANT TO WORK WITH YOU! Bob Pearo and Austin's Wharf have been providing quality canvas and upholstery work to the VT, NH and NY areas for over 20 years. Jetting in from Paris Fashion Week where she held front-row positions with daughter Kim Kardashian and son-in-law Kanye West, naturally, the fabulous Ms Jenner made it easy for us to keep up with her by posting enviable insta-snaps of her Spring Break vacation with her Oscar nominee gal pal. Both ladies are newly-single, Melanie having split with husband Antonio Banderas in June last year and Kris finalising her high-profile divorce with Bruce Jenner in December.
With reports that Kris has recently split with 38-year-old rebound toy-boy Corey Gamble, who knows what crazy shenanigans the pair are getting up to!

1, We had a look at the new trimaran, big deep boat, reminded me of an outrigger canoe rather than a Canadian. 2, Interestingly the guy at Northern Sound was genuinely unaware that there was anyone else making birch ply canoes in Europe. Beale Park is a commercial show, which as far as I'm aware is organised by Beale Park, so that's who to speak to. Hans-Georg Wagner, but there are two boat builder from Holland who attend, so you never know. And the 3 part boat could be handy if you fall out with your bow paddler halfway through a trip. A couple of shots of a stunning Oughtred Stickleback canoe by Adrian Gingell, fascinating that this is the first amateur clinker ply glued together with Balcotan that I have seen, less noxious and cleaner working than epoxy it is a very encouraging development. It has been used by those who appreciate its virtues like you mention, in at least two other boats. I'm the one paddling the northern sound canoes and i must say they really are amazing canoes to paddle. The so-called Industrial grade connectors may not have the plating on them to withstand outside use, and may corrode. A non-metallic brush is required so that metal particles from the brush do not end up embedded in the anode.
Who'd have to be contacted to get an invitation out to Hans-Georg Wagner of frame-canoe fame?
EG Dave Stubbs (prior to his being part of Solway Dory) built a clinker ply sailing canoe of his own design in around 1995 - I bought it a few years later and owned it for many years. I had some late nights but made the deadline and delivered it to the show where it went straight onto the lake!

They also provide all types of tools for the job that are available to purchase on their website.
With great attention to detail and the use of the finest quality materials, Austin’s Wharf guarantees a unique and excellent product.
While holding the Wire Straightener in one hand simply clamp it on your leader, apply pressure and slide the straightener down your leader. A great deal of care and attention to traditional designs has been put into the building of these canoes. Austin’s Wharf offers boat enthusiasts an exceptional product, built to the highest standards.
Easy to use just clip and zip, the patented jaw design snaps open and snaps closed onto any zipper. The only problem is you have to let the the front "backing" piece set awhile before removing it - or the vinyl may come off with it. We also broke it at least once, since the curtain at the head end gets pulled on, and the track broke where it was screwed into the ceiling. Gets the hook away from the main body of the lure for better hook up and for short strikes. Instead of throwing items with damaged zippers away, opt for a more environmentally and wallet friendly choice.

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