Here is a really quick Instructable on how to replace a slingshot band Wet The Ends Wet the ends of the bands with rubbing alcohol or just plain water. Hey Instructables,There are many ways to reuse plastic bottles that are left laying around. A quick, easy and relatively cheap way to outwit the squirrels from getting to your bird feeder. I've seen videos online of hunters making predator calls from those cheap dog toys that squeak, so I made one myself and had great results. Lubricating Your bike chain Grab some butter Butter Pinch Pinch some butter with your hand. Sometimes things just come together like pieces of a puzzle you didn't know you were doing:There was this bike I had hanging for almost a year on the wall of my cellar. In this video I will show you the bicycle roof rack that I made to transport my xtracycle on top of a 1998 Subaru Outback. I wanted to build a Teardrop camper but I just don't have a place to park another vehicle\trailer in my driveway. One of the issues I have with most paracord bracelets is that though they look nice, you often make them using small lengths of cut cord that are hard to take apart and hard to reassemble on the spot. In every country all over the world the pollution problems are very high , we have smoke coming from cars , busses, industries and homes. An electric bike (e-bike) conversion kit is a great way to breathe new life into an old, neglected bike. This instructable is what happens when you happen to look up the prices of LED strips and realize that they can actually be relatively cheap and useful.
I have a tiny (8X10 Mtrs) urban garden that I have always watered using a watering can with no problems.
It can be intimidating to transition from car camping to your first backcountry experience.
Please bear with me this is my first Instructable.So after replacing multiple of my sprinkler heads due to me damaging them with the mower, the trimmer or my dog chewing on them I decided I needed to find a way to protect them.
100 watt solar panel on my truck roof, charging an independent gel battery in my truck bed for camping.

IntroductionI've been cycling to work for years and I always worry about whether or not my hand signals are seen at night. I needed to replace old rusted tiki torches and so went to eBay and got some beautiful cobalt blue 750 ml wine bottles.
I recently built a deck but I still use the concrete pad underneath the deck in order to grill and store yard stuff. I’ve had a few tries on building the perfect chicken feeder and this one has to be the best yet. When you go for a ride, especially for a long one, it’s super important to have with you a multi tool in case you need to adjust your brakes, repair flats etc. A quick easy and fairly cheap way to recycle (maybe even up-cycle) the basic folding lawn chair.
Fresh air, trees, scenic hikes, and sleeping on the ground can reset your brain like nothing else can.
In this instructable I will show you how to make cheap powerful and very fun to use air rifle.It is super easy to make out of items from your local hardware shop.
The squeaky noise that these dog toys make are almost identical to the noise a rabbit or other small mammal in distress makes. Its performance is amazing, it never leaks, and it's the perfect size to take to a friend's house, a party, a sporting event, etc.
This can be done by using a pair of needle nose pliers to break the vent piece on the lighter. Relive the smell of balsa cement and wonderful sound and site of your own mini jet rising above the flying field. I live in Munich and sometimes in the evening i drive into the alps, walk up a hill and ride down.
I made this project because i recently found a pair of skateboard wheels so i thought i build a longboard.
One thing I wanted to do was build a kayak cart for when there is a distance from the car to the water. The first year I tried a standard garden but didn't get out of it what I had put into it because the ground is quite hard, which makes it hard for me to till and the plants to set roots.

After spending some time researching the two main types of kits available (mid-drive and hub motors), I finally decided on a Golden Motor Magic Pie v5 hub motor. There are some gear recommendations and techniques that will make your 1st (or 50th) backcountry experience very enjoyable. I designed these circular knit reflective arm warmers to be worn over any clothing so that you can be sure that you are seen at night. Grow up with this staggered planter!Instructables has a vast collection of pallet-related projects, and it’s easy to see why. Harnessing the power of the wind, It's simple graceful spinning is really fun to watch as it moves. If you're looking to escape reality and reconnect with nature, this collection of projects, tips, and essentials will get you on your way.
So rather than throwing your bottles away , follow these 7 simple steps to a make your own mini water rocket that can be blasted up to over a hundred feet. When I was looking for a lamp for my last bike, it suddenly came to me that a modern bike computer should fit underneath that little window. As a waste product, pallets are often made of decent quality softwoods and are utterly versatile. This is a great inexpensive project to tackle with the kids to help build some basic woodworking skills as well. But if you're using a bike lock with the mother of all ugly keys, it won't do you any good in terms of street cred. Seeing Bicycle Contest makes me want to restore it and bring it to life.Repairing a bike, testing the brake, checking the wheels and chain, I need a stand. If you are afraid your brakes are wearing down, and feel unsafe braking, I have posted (NOT my technique, haters.

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