Ritesedfred Let's hope it doesn't hit too hard, It's a bit on the thin side :-) Register or login to reply to this message. I noticed the pin hold down knobs come with small clip pins that need to be replaced with car pins, but the holes need to be somewhat enlarged. Thank you the hobbyking to bring this stuff in your store and hope you are spare part to supply soon.
This is the main define statement for the page for english when no template defined file exists. When a manufacturer considers replacing or upgrading a product such as the ever popular Marlow 78 yacht, the task is made more difficult by the sheer magnitude and success of the previous model. The new Marlow Explorer 80E superyacht features greater fuel capacity, speed, range and volume in every sector while retaining the signature look that makes a Marlow. Carrying 4,000 gallons of fuel in proprietary tanks that allow a 97% fuel capacity burn in complete safety, this new long ranger will, like her sisters, show her transom to the fleet in open water speed, higher speed at ultra long range and unparalleled specifications to the highest of classification societies.
The Captain on board the new Marlow Explorer 80E yacht will have one of the finest crew cabins ever developed in a Marlow Yacht with a lazarette immediately behind able to hold bikes, inflatables, water toys or other cruising tackle, all finished to a degree well beyond the industry standard.
Hull 80-1 superyacht features the luxury and weather protection of Marlow’s Command Bridge for best visibility and comfort in any weather. Her twin C-32 Caterpillars will push her at speeds up to 30 knots with moderate load conditions compared to similar sized and powered vessels struggling to reach low 20s.
MarlowMotor yacht BLUE HERON was designed by David Marlow and built by Marlow Marine in 2005, the yacht was refitted in 2012. Motor yacht CASAMARMotor yacht CASAMAR is a Marlow Explorer, built by Marlow yachts of the USA in 2006 and measures 21.34m (70ft) in length. Fort LauderdaleImportant travel details, key attractions and the latest yachting news when planning a luxury yacht charter in Fort Lauderdale.

Marlow was challenged by a two Marlow owner to provide for specific needs difficult to meet in the 78 despite its long term position as the most popular large Marlow ever conceived.
The interior accommodations reflect the finest joinery in the world while the Marlow designed and built exterior hardware is worthy of top shelf placement in a Museum of art.
In fact no other yacht of similar size and type has ever achieved the exalted classification status from the most stringent world bodies that Marlow enjoys. Her 74’ 10” waterline length spells more miles traveled per tank of fuel and more choices in where refueling takes place, at the same time providing exceptional speed to travel to and from destinations and outrun severe weather. We have crewed charter boats in the favourite yachting hotspots in the Mediterranean and Caribbean as well as worldwide locations. The 540 motor also controls the direction of the boat making it turn quickly without losing speed. None the less, the engineering and design staff at Marlow put more than a decade of experience in building more than 200 yachts to work and has created what can only be described as a work of art in every way shape and form. The owners and guest cabins are remarkably spacious and well planned while improved insulation takes a history of quiet to another level of comfort.
The boat is constructed with fiberglass and immaculately painted and finished in a high-gloss gel-coat for improved glide and a glass finish!You just need a 2~3S lipo and your own RX to power up this boat. Im a big critic on appearance but liked the decal layout but their were bubbles so their coming off and am re-doing with my own paint scheme, however the ones on the lower hull are staying.
In addition, the Marlow Explorer 97E superyacht hull #5, as well as the Marlow Explorer 66E yacht hull #1 will be also displayed.
Overall hull looks clean, the outboard however looks cheap and will be replaced with a Sprint F-1 with alloy lower end. Well Its Pritty Hollow In Side So You Need To Fill With Foam Or Expander Foam To Keep It Afloat Cause If You Flip This Boat You Will Get Water In It And Most Sertin It Will Sink.

When test drive I'm got ESC burned , Please be carful, Hobby kig please revise Motor spec would better. One is running the standerd set up from the box and one has a thunder tiger out board fitted. Moving the battery forward to compensate may help things but 5mm does seem to be a little excessive. I have a video on you tube and also on my face book page , I will try to answer any questions on the face book page or the website, thanks HK.Face Book page is JMBC jerseymodelboats or join jerseymodelboats****and join the forum. Outboard is brushless size 380L, it's not 540 size but fast enough when used 3 cell lipo.
The next run I try to setting outboard angle and lift it up a little bit for more stable while running in the water.
How can I do that?And I also have another problem: When I'm speeding up, the propeller starts to cavitate and the boat is slowing down.
What I have to do?And the last problem is, when I'm speeding up and driving a turn, the boat suddenly continues turning. Yes I am dissappointed that I didnt buy a spare motor for a JUST IN CASE moment like this.hahaha Over all, I am so very satisfied with the purchase of the f1 hornet even if esc fried on first run and motor fried on the second. I chose the Feigao motor just because i like the price but you can find lots of cheap motors at hobbyking.

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