Jim, what is this Old Man bit, you are only as old as you feel mate, and while you are tinkering you never feel old, just worn out.
Now to get the boat itself loaded, I am going to load it sideways, using a 3000lb winch, this should lift the boat easily enough. With the boat rack now up to a point where it has to come back off the trailer to finish it, I thought this weekend I should get the 12v power into the main tent.
I am happy with the footrests, there are allot of us that use this style of tent, so the more ideas that people have and share the better I think.
Hanna RV offers a huge selection of hitch mounted, ladder mounted and roof mounted bike racks to work with your RV or camper. Now that the days are getting longer and the temperatures are beginning to warm, our thoughts turn toward Spring and the start of camping season.
So, you’ve just made one of the biggest investments of your life by purchasing an RV or camper. ColdTuna manufactures a wide variety of fishing rod racks to include: Home Rod Racks, Garage Storage Rod Racks, RV Rod Racks, SUV Rod Racks, Camper Rod Racks, Overhead Rod Racks, Vertical Rod Racks, Horizontal Rod Racks, Boat Rod Racks, and anywhere else you require rod storage.
The Ultimate 4 Rod Rack is a carbon copy of the Ultimate Rod Sitter - 10 Rod Rack as far as it's style and versatility. The Expandable Mount Fishing Rod Rack allows you to hang your rods in any type of SUV, Truck Bed, Camper, Boat, Trailer, or RV. Rhino-Rack’s Tagalong Tent is the perfect accessory for the avid camper or beach goer. The Tagalong Tent is made from the same rip-stop polycotton canvas that is used for our awning products.
Everything you need is included: poles, ropes, pegs and a waterproof carry bag for your added convenience.
The Trillium camper trailer, named after Ontario’s provincial flower, has an illustrious history, and has long been a popular economical alternative to full-size recreational vehicles. Get yourself organised for an epic event in Mansfield, VIC, 14-17 April - these dated coincide with Easter & school holidays across all states. Mystq have you taken note how long it takes me to make anything, you couldn’t afford me as I charge at an hourly rate plus beers.
There is a dimmer in the system so I can turn down the lights, so as to still light the bench, but not be to bright in the camp.I think I am still going to need extra light when cooking though, as the cook top is not directly under the lights. I have reused the two old units I made for the my old camper, with some modifications to the tops and also cutting one down 90mm to a lower height with a lower draw as well.

As for not sleeping, there can’t be much sleep in the rockman camp with the speed your build is going.
The wire rope is to be changed to AmSteel blue rope, with a 8000lb braking strain, mainly for the ease of use though.The winch is fitted on the hinging side to keep the lifting weight down, so I need a pulley or roller on the other side. I am still working on it but I got sidetracked, as usual for me.After setting the main tent up, I put my mind to the poles that hold up the fold out section. Kwik Tek is the largest tube manufacturer in the world, and it owns the Airhead and Sportstuff brands.
Bike covers come in a variety of colors and sizes, and they are able to fit over multiple bikes.
Whether you are looking to transport a single bike or 5 bikes, we have a rack to fit your needs.
Hitch adapters allow you to mount a hitch-style bike rack to your vehicle, regardless of what style hitch receiever you have.
This fishing rod rack secures up to 10 Freshwater, Saltwater, or Fly Rods with our without the reels attached. This vehicle fishing rod rack is secured with straps that wrap around the top of your vehicle, and fits nicely between the driver and passenger seats.
IT IS POWERED BY A TWIN 7.4 MPI MERCRUISERS WITH BRAVO 3 DRIVES AND ONLY 600 HRS MOTORS HAVE CLOSED COOLING SYSTEMS. Whitey I am pleased I have helped in someway, but I don’t know about any history being created.
The grey one in the middle is new though, they all need to be painted yet, and I think I might fit a polished front to the draws to fit in with the rest of the kitchen.The reason for the two lower boxes, is for the rams on the camper top, as well this will be the height of two storage boxes I have planed to fit in behind the kitchen storage boxes.
The sliders are excellent - I was wondering how you'd get the boat down and up again, such a simple idea. I have a great deal of difficulty extending the poles with only one arm, so I am trying foot stops on the poles. For a unique, entertaining tube ride for up to 5 people, check out the Kwik Tek Jumbo Dog.
The Swagman Hitch Rack Cover for 2 Bicycles is made of weather resistant nylon, and it features cinch straps for a more streamlined fit. This fishing rod rack can be secured overhead on a ceiling, or used as a wall mounted fishing rod rack securing your rods horizontally or vertically. The fishing rod racks compact size makes it ideal for securing rods in tight areas like a boat, camper, or RV.

We recently road tested this fishing rod rack by taking a 1000 mile round trip and were very impressed with how well it kept our rods secure.
The shock cord that runs along the bottom edge of the fishing rod rack secures your rods in place while you're traveling to your next fishing destination. Simply park your vehicle, extend your Foxwing or Sunseeker 2.5 awnings, zip the Tagalong Tent to the awning and peg it to the ground.
One question for you, what sort of trim did you use around the two holes for the under bed hatch? Make sure your valuable electronics stay protected while you are on the water with Kwik Tek waterproof cases. Places to mount include: Fishing boat, cabin cruiser, above garage door, on garage door, camper, RV, truck bed, tonneau cover, ceiling (overhead storage), wall (horizontal or vertical), closet ceiling, closet door. If you're looking for a fishing rod rack to secure your rods while traveling, give this one a road test.
If you hinge a dropdown shelf onto the inside of the ply backed lower frame, narrower and less deep so it doesn't interfer with anything you have on the backboard, it could hold plates (put a few slits into the shelf for this) cups etc etc. Then made the footrest from some aluminium flat bar with some clear hose fitted over the bar before I bent it into shape.This also helps to keep the poles in the pockets when I fold it up, I just release the Velcro tabs let the pole down them redo the tabs. Its always a nuisance putting things back into cupboards that you regularly use when camped.
The adjusting collar is now locked in place, and the pole cannot come out of its pocket.I also don’t like the idea that I need to peg down the floor for an overnighter, so today I set it up with no pegs, and made another two extension poles, one for each corner. Trust Rhino-Rack to make the best acessories to get your friends and family to experience wide open spaces. Also if you put a wire grid rack (gridded cake rack) into a cutout above the sink area on that narrow shelf it is great for draining.
I had it set up this way all day and it seemed to work as long as I Had the floor locked down against the camper with my two locking legs.I will get a couple of tent pole spigot domes for the ends so they won’t tear the floor in the corner. The shelf could be supported in many ways, both open and closed, no need for me to tell you anything about that!

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