Chocolate and white frosting (You’ll need two-three tubs of each or vats of your own homemade recipe). I wasn’t sure exactly how much cake I would need, but ended up going with the three cake mixes.
I have this tutorial printed and ready to be made for our Pretty Pirate Party this weekend for both of my little girls, who LOVE Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
These are the instructions for building the LEGO Duplo Jake's Pirate Ship Bucky that was released in 2013.
When making special cake designs like this, I really recommend baking the cakes at least the day before. With those, I did a 9×13 pan, 1 large loaf pan (yes, cake in a loaf pan), and 2 rounds. My son just turned 8 and my daughter turned 3 and they are only 2 weeks apart, so I did a joint pirate and mermaid party. I am doing a Jake party for my daughter’s second birthday and I really want to try this. The information of PC use is extremely vital and critical in the field of online instruction.
Our party was on Saturday evening, so I baked the cakes Friday evening and then put them in the fridge.  That way, everything is very cool, making it easier to cut, the frosting go on better, etc.
I had made some years ago (for Big Brother’s 2nd Birthday) and it was time to try them again.
To attach, use some of the melted chocolate (you will need to sit and hold in place for a minute or two). Somehow, the cakes always get more and more complicated.This year, he requested a Jake and the Neverland Pirates theme and of course he wanted a Bucky cake.
Not only was the pressure on to make a cake that actually was shaped like a pirate ship, but the boys wanted it to look just like Bucky! Once I had things arranged that way I wanted, I then carved the edges a bit, making it look just a little bit more pointed instead of a perfect round shape. I’m SO glad the post gave you inspiration and ideas for making everything turn out like your kiddos wanted. I bought 2 chocolate and 1 yellow so that the island could be all yellow cake and ship all chocolate….
For anyone who has children that watch this show and love it as much as my son does, I'm sure you have been on the same quest as I was to find any merchandising or printables for the Jake theme.Unfortunately, Disney doesn't seem to have come out with anything yet. We are provide research paper service in which you can get affordable data according to your deadline.
Also, I recommend decorating the cake on a piece of sturdy cardboard wrapped in aluminum foil (I usually just cut pieces from cardboard boxes). I tried to even attach an extra piece on the front end, but it fell apart trying to frost it.
For added fun, add some malted milk balls (coconuts)!  So, yes, this is indeed a bit tedious. I searched the internet, used a sticker sheet that I had saved from several months ago and even used a recording of the show that I had to keep pausing to see the detail of the ship. But the end result is all edible and super fun, like this…So, the last part in this cake creating process was to get everything set up on the table and creating the water! Then, put the cake back in the fridge or freezer is possible to get the crumb coat frosting to harden some.

Keep in mind, I am no where near being a professional baker but I do have a background in art so I heavily relied on my design skills to attempt this pirate ship cake. In fact, this cake is just made from plain ‘ole boxed cake mix and store-bought frosting (gasp.
I started with the back of the ship by cutting one end of the loaf pan cake and cutting some strips off the remaining half of the 9×13 cake. Once all those pieces are in place, then do one generous layer of frosting (your crumb coat) over the entire cake. I couldn’t transport the cake with the bases already frosted, so I had to carry both cakes out to the table, put the cardboard pieces together, and then do the water.
There was no way I could tell my son that I just couldn't do it, so I gave it my best shot.
I canNOT stand when I see a super awesome cake creation just left on a plain cardboard or aluminum sheet.
I only made the island because I had those leftovers (it wasn’t part of my original plan).
So, without further ado, here’s a full tutorial on how to make your very own Bucky pirate ship cake! While that was in the fridge, I decided to make use of the remaining cake pieces (no part of my original cake plan) and do a little pirate island. So, I cut another piece of cardboard (to match the width of the one for the ship), covered in foil, and started to work on the island. I used the remaining cake round (cut in half) and the remaining section of the 9×13 half. So, I just used a cut piece of cardboard (from a food box), covered with frosting, and helped attach it by poking toothpicks through it. I tried to make one of the gold doubloons on the computer to make Bucky's gold seal on his mast. By the end of the night, it had started to come away from the rest of the cake just slightly, but really not too bad at all!
Since the whole cake gets covered in crushed graham cracker, you don’t have to worry about your frosting job at all! I took a printout of Jake, Cubby, Izzy and Scully, carefully cut them out and glued them above the sail so it looks like they are all in the crows nest on top of Bucky.
I hot glued another round yellow candy at the top of the mast.My last step for the sail was to make a pirate flag (on my computer), print it out and hot glue it above the crows nest. First up, you need to do a second coat of frosting on the ship (to cover up the crumb coat). I used a cat bell purchased from my local pet supply store to attach to the beam that sticks out.According to my son, Bucky's bell was very important. I used cut wafer cookies for the windows & ramps) and rolled tootsie rolls for the railings. For those, I used the small tootsie rolls (for the beams going into the ship) and rolled out tootsie rolls into longer, thinner strands to be the railing on the top. There was no way I would be able to make this out of gum paste or something like they do on TV!The day before baking the cake portion, I made a double recipe of the Hershey's Cocoa "Perfectly Chocolate" Frosting recipe (you can find it on the back of the Hershey's Cocoa can). I also used the Pillsbury White Frosting (in the blue can) to tint several colors for the details of the cake.I needed yellow, blue, gray and turquoise.
A bright red fruit roll up would have potentially worked well as an edible item, but I didn’t have any (I had planned for that).

So, I took some aluminum foil and shaped it like a slide, then covered it with a piece of red plastic table cloth.
The next day I baked two Duncan Hines Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake Mixes by following the directions on the box but adding a few changes.I added one package of Nestle mini chocolate chips as well as 1 tsp. Once that was attached (just stuck on to the frosting), I then outlined the ship in yellow by piping yellow frosting all the way around.
Last step was adding the mast & the characters (I let the boys pick where they should go). About 10-15 minutes before the cake was cooled, I took out the chocolate frosting to warm up a bit. To make the mast we lashed together a couple of bamboo skewers (one broken in half) and attached a small piece of blue & white striped fabric (from the GIANT outside DIY Mast). If it is to stiff to work with, you can beat it with an electric mixer to soften it up a bit.I took a piece of heavy cardboard and put a piece of blue paper to resemble the the front (I think it's the bow?) of the ship. I cut the second loaf to make the back of the ship as a higher layer than the bottom and did the same for the front.I used skewers to hold the pieces together and cut them so that they would not be sticking out of the cake. I also used a little chocolate frosting to stick the two layers of the ship together.Once the cake portion was assembled, I put the chocolate frosting into a pastry bag with a basic rectangle shaped tip and piped strips of frosting to make the wooden outer portion of the ship. Since I was working on this in the middle of August, I immediately put it in the fridge to set up before attempting the next step.Then I took out my yellow and gray frosting to soften up a bit. Once the chocolate frosting was set, I put the yellow frosting into a pastry bag with a round tip and piped the yellow edges around the entire ship (again according to my reference). I also took a small telescope party favor and used the front of it to insert into the front of the cake.I used a pastry bag with a rectangle tip to pipe gray frosting around the entire telescope so that it would look like Bucky's water cannon. Then I took out the blue and turquoise frosting to soften up a bit.Next I piped the blue frosting for the door and windows (using a pastry bag and round tip). I used my small spatula to spread out the frosting so that it was flat.Back into the fridge went the cake. While it was setting I took several tootsie rolls and formed them into the railings for the front and back of Bucky.Tootsie rolls can easily be softened using your hands and become similar to working with clay.
I put the railings on the cake by gently pressing them into the chocolate frosting that covered the cake.
My last detail was to take a piece of red Fruit by the Foot and bend it to resemble Bucky's slide.
At this point the cake sat in the fridge overnight.The next day (the day of the party) I added the final pieces like the mast and the back of the ship. I also took some small pieces of the blue and white striped paper to put above the windows. I put him so that it looked like his head and tail were sticking out of the water.I hope you like my final result. I received the best reward when I saw my sons face light up as he told me "Wow Mommy, it really looks like Bucky!

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