Get to the EndThis sounds pretty straightforward, but is really the most time consuming part. Tips for Finding StrongholdsStrongholds usually occur between 600 and 1000 Y on any given generated map.
Some Things You'll NeedNow that you've plunged into the End and are ready for some Dragon blood on your sword, I should warn you: without enchantments and potions this can be hard. The Easy Way to Safely Destroy the Dragon TotemsThere's an easy way and a hard way for everything, and I know which one you're here for. Step 1 Use a BowThe magical cubes on top of totems that heal the Ender Dragon are easy to destroy. Step 3 Shoot the Health Totem and Get to HidingAs soon as you're in range of the health totem, you'll need to shoot it and get out of doge before the dragon returns. Step 4 Be PatientDestroying each totem and killing the Ender Dragon without enchantments, potions, and days preparation took me about an hour. To Recover HealthIf you are ever seriously injured during these attempts at breaking totems, killing or harming the dragon, find cover. The only block an ender dragon cannot break is obsidian. Killing the Ender DragonOnce you've deposed all the totem idols and robbed the dragon of his health recharge, let's do some damage.
Victory!Once you've landed that final blow you'll experience an some really cool fireworks as the Ender Dragon comes undone!  Congratulations miners, you've arrived at the end of Minecraft.
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As you may know you'll need to access and use an Ender Portal located in one of the Strongholds generated in the game. Be prepared to travel long distance. Since Ender pearls break often, I suggest moving 40 blocks or more between each throw.As SOON as an Ender pearl no longer floats as high as its predecessors, you've hit the mark! The only problem is they explode on contact, so you need to use a bow with plenty of arrows.
You need to be sure that the Ender Dragon is out of sight before you go breaking his health totems to peices.
Even then he can destroy items you place inside an obsidian structure.  I suggest either breaking into a totem with a diamond pick axe and creating a temporary base, or digging into the the End stone and making channels of homes running to each totem.
Now you could just wait for him to come to you and swing that diamond sword like an idiot, but unless you've charged up your armor with super enchantments, this will get you killed. Once you've defeated the dragon, a portal with appear and when you jump in you'll be treated to a game wrapping-up poem on dreams, the universe, and reality. To do this you need to combine Blaze powder from Blaze mobs and Ender pearls from Endermen. It's simply not worth the risk, as he'll explode your tower (probably killing you) as he flies by.
Remember, if you're doing this the quick way without enchantments or potions, you'll just need to be patient. This guide is for those of who are want to visit The End and kill an Ender Dragon without weeks of building up an arsenal of potions and super-soldier enchantments.

The fastest way to do this is to make a trap for the Ender pearls and to just go kill about a dozen Blaze.
After all those hours, days, and weeks of toil, after all your hard work is completed, when those credits roll by in their eerie silence you may find yourself changed. There's no need to muck about in advanced Blaze grinders at this point, but that option is available.
No fanfare, no screaming beast dying at your hands—just five minutes of silence and some end-game poetry.
For more information on traps, consult our guide. Once you have enough Blaze powder and Ender pearls, combine them to make Eye of Ender.
You're going to need quite a bit to be successful here, as it usually takes about twelve Eye of Ender to activate an End Portal and even more to successfully find the portal.To find an End portal simply throw your Eyes of Ender in the air and follow them where they go.
I, for one, have always believed that video games could be "high art" and there is no better contemporary example of this than Minecraft.

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