Cut a hole at the top and bottom of the sails and weave your chopstick or straw through the holes, to secure it. This a three minute video, that walks you through the process of creating your Pirate ship! About Shannon SchmidShannon traded in her sensible NYC TV producer shoes (they were best for taking the subway), for a pair of Texas Cowboy boots when she married her best friend! You can find Shannon on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and her new favorite place to hang out, Google+.
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Need help coming up with a way to keep kids entertained at your next family get together? These cute boats would be perfect for a family reunion. Knowing they would be used in the water, we laminated the base of ours so they would last longer and hot glued the seams.

As a retiree,I now have another reason to use my laminating machine that I used for my class as a teacher. Quick TipDid you know that you can access the updates through your software by going to the Help drop down menu and selecting "Software Updates" under "Internet Pazzles Online"?
Needless to say when it came time to come up with ideas for a float, one idea stood out - Pirates! We topped the boxes with Styrofoam wrapped in brown duct tape to create front and rear decks. Perhaps, because boats are a symbol of freedom and adventure – every child I know is fascinated with them. And we found that her small Disney Fairy figures fit perfectly into this milk carton Pirate Ship craft! If you have a Pirate, Fairy or Boat fan in your home – this craft is sure to capture their imagination!

Not only are they simple to assemble but you can create several in no time and have enough for the whole family. Now we have a new reason to keep using the laminators…hope you have fun making the boats! It uses products you are likely to have laying around your house, like a milk carton or K-Cups. This would also be a really fun craft to try sailing at the beach, pool, or even in the bathtub! Her chief blogging inspiration is being the proud & slightly neurotic mom of a preschool age daughter.

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