Eyebots are hovering robots designed by RobCo, before the Great War as a form of media transmitter. Welcome to my Instuctable on how to build the smallest possible orbital gear assembly out of k'nex! I started building this 2 months ago after watching a movie on Netflix celebrating the Ford Mustang 50th year. This collection has K'NEX spaceships that appear in the Star Wars moviesEnjoy!Spaceships that I want to make and add:1.
Get flys and other insects and mini beasts over of your way FOR GOOD with this knex fly swatter. I built Emerald in March 2012, getting almost everything to fit in this car sure is a challenge.

Here is a KNEX version of the popular game hockey, and I decided to show you how to make it!
Feel free to make it as tall as you want The Base The thing that holds it all up The Shaft Feel free to make this part as much as you want. I originally built this to be part of a transmission, however, despite its small size, it was too large for my needs. Front wheel steering, Four doors, Hood with prop rod, Trunk, Rear fold down seats, adjustable front seats, and sun roof.
This is designed with the euro bills in mind, but it might work with your own currency.You can also put some keys or other stuff in it, be creative!maybe I'll add a tutorial later. These modular robots are about half a meter in diameter, and are capable of hovering a few feet off the ground.

First it had no slant in the back, and I was flipping through the book seeing what gun mine looked like.
It can fire up to a four round burst, by loading green rods from the top front as seen in pic three.
Created partially as a celebration for 50 subscribers to my YouTube channel, which you should all know about.
I know in the review I said if I got five instructions requests I would post instructions, but I put instructions without five anyways.

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