Don’t tell your kids any of these pointers at first – let them experiment and see what they come up with! Our boats are still a work in progress, and the boys are having fun experimenting with different designs!
You can have the latest posts from Frugal Fun for Boys delivered to your inbox every Friday! After and entire day at LegoLand California we stopped by the Big LEGO Store near the exit of the park. Even the box graphics are exciting!Well, needless to say, I went in with my kid with the intention of looking around and buying nothing. My kid and the overgrown kid (me) headed home and at 11pm we started putting together the little kit. Publisher of FloatWays, Danny Cruz is resourceful creative designer, lover of the ocean and all things that float. Sunglasses Guide for BoatsAt FloatWays we pay a lot of attention to the visual aspect of the water activities in which we participate. This means we are focused on enjoying our outdoor life by making sure we have the best optical clarity and sun protection we can get. I think the dish pan was used more for boats this week than it was for dishes, and there was a constant supply of little drips to clean up of the counters and floor! One discovery that the boys made was that the thicker base pieces made better boats because they could sink down in the water a little without letting water in through any cracks.

The boats would sink down about the depth of the thicker base pieces, which worked pretty well.
Note that you should only import your loose parts, do NOT include parts from sets you have added in your My Sets List or they will be treated as duplicates.
LEGO® is a trademark of The LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site. Everyone has played with Lego at some point, it is without doubt one of the greatest toys ever invented (calling it a toy doen't seem to do it justice). This is a store designed to systematically take the little money you have left after a full day at LegoLand while you are still pumped and in holiday mode.
Towards the back of the shop I saw them – the LEGO City Boats and they instantly reminded me of my childhood. However, it looks like a boat and looks like it’ll float so it definitely belongs on FloatWays. Whether it be in the ocean or the lake, we are devoted to the lifestyle and all the joys that come from being on the water. The one in the picture above was the first one that Aidan built, and he was shocked to discover that it didn’t float! A  Come link up your kids’ Lego boats, or any post about kid-generated Lego designs or a Lego learning activity! They might inspire my little boy to have a go at making boats-machines were the flavour of the month after Venetian bridges.

Now us travel fans can have some fun by building a Lego Ferry Boat!Yes, there is now a nice 3 in 1 lego ferry kit available. I quickly started reminiscing about my LEGO Police boat that I used to add parts and turn it into my own little sport fishermen yacht. This kit can be made into two ferry types and a plane.Lego Ferry KitAs you can see this is a great looking model, definitely something to ask Santa for. Well, I’m pretty sure it has been a few years since you last played around with a LEGO set. A Once he removed the top part, it did a little better, but there were several cracks that let in water. If you have kids however, you’ve probably been reintroduced to those awesome toys we used to enjoy so much as kids.
The little speedboat now graces my boat and car (yeah, I said car) model collection in my living room. A Building a boat that would actually float proved to be a challenge, but the boys happily stuck with this project forA hours this week.
Given that as much as I love sailboats I’m also a huge fan of super fast offshore speedboats, this one definitely strikes a chord for me.

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