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Sorry, couldn’t help myself, but you know you would have made the exact same joke after seeing this incredible, gigantic LEGO recreation of the Titanic as it hit that fateful iceberg, broke up, and sank. This is incredible and gorgeous, but it can be tough to appreciate how big this really is without a little perspective. There are lots of other great details throughout, including people holding onto to the ship, survivors boarding lifeboats, and some passengers already struggling in the frigid Atlantic waters.

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Made by Ryan McNaught, Mitchell Kruik, and Clay Mellington, this masterful homage required over 120,000 pieces and 250 hours of work over a 13-month span. The ship seems like it really is breaking apart as you look at it—that it’s about to split apart at any second. It has a very tangible energy to it, and also an inherent sadness. That might be why some really humorous details were included, to make it a little more fun.

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