Ahoy Mateys! If your little guy is begging for a pirate birthday party, I have got a fabulous tutorial telling you exactly how to make a pirate ship birthday cake! My motto for my blog is "Make Your Own Happy ~ One DIY at a Time!" Each home decor project, craft, and party plan I share with you is what our family is living. 12′ Gang Plank with double rope railing and wooden safety treads provides a safe walkway up into the tower. Spread a Wheat Thin or other flat cracker with cream cheese and stick to the back of the bread, with the cream cheese showing through the front side of the bread. Make whatever sandwich you would like, placing the prepared piece of bread on top of the sandwich.
For the flag: Attach a pretzel stick to a triangular broken piece of cracker with cream cheese. Both boys agreed that the Backyard Sleepover design was an awesome choice for their Backyard Campout Birthday Party!

Like most mamas planning birthday parties, creating birth announcements or ordering Christmas cards, I have used online invitation companies before. Once you get started you will notice every text box, image, and even the background can be changed or moved. So if the wording in one text box gets to large to fit all I have to do is move or delete the surrounding images.
Whether it’s a birthday party, bridal shower, baby announcement, or Christmas cards, I totally recommend using Purple Trail! We take advantage of those seven days each year when their birthdays roll around by planning a combined birthday party.
I used a small lid to make a circle, and then using a knife, I cut a small rectangle coming off the bottom of the circle. This site is full of simple creativity, using basic ingredients, that will hopefully inspire you to start playing with your food!!

Especially when you are trying to convince two boys to share one party. In the past, I have handcrafted invites but this year I decided to let the boys help me choose super cool invitations to send to their friends.
Finding exactly the invitation we were looking for was easy and changing the design to look exactly like what I wanted was simple.
Place pretzel sticks inside skull piece of sandwich, sticking out about half an inch at the bottom. There is also a heaping spoonful of delicious real life, as a mom, with a side of yummy encouragement!!
This year when I asked what type of birthday party they wanted Little Boy happily asked for a pirate party.

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