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I’ve had Jake’s Pirate Ship cake ready to post for weeks and I just kept letting it slip through the cracks with all of the other stuff I always have going on! I really loved doing this cake – it was unique for me and I got to try out a new technique with making the maps look aged.
The ship was made from rice cereal treats and then covered in dark chocolate brown fondant. For the map on the front of the cake (and the sign on the bottom with Jake’s name), I used marshmallow fondant and tore the edges to make it rough. I drew on the map markings with a black food marker and used a brush and dry cocoa powder to give it the rough, aged look. The border on the top tier was rope (again with the extruder) and for the bottom tier I used brown sugar for sand. A few more details… except for elements previously described, this cake was covered and decorated with homemade marshmallow fondant. If you like the pirate theme, be sure to check out my Pirate Cake Topper and Pirate Face Cupcake Toppers! Hi, we’re starting on this cake for our 4 year old (and your princess castle one for our 3 year old as they are sharing a party). All of our cake decorations are now produced using sweetened vanilla, premium thickness, wafer paper. I started by making a 9x13 cake, frosting it blue for water and even added some Goldfish crackers.
For this pirate cake I got most of my ideas from this website, I used a 13x9 pan for the water and then a large loaf pan for the ship. I iced the rectangle cake blue for the water and then I carved the loaf cake in the front and back a tiny bit to give it sort of a ship shape. I placed a little pirate figure in between the two pirate cakes sails, and put a few Reeses bites to resemble cannons. To make life easy I bought some ready prepared brown icing, which I rolled out and covered the ship all over. This just goes to show that you can make interesting pirate cakes even with no experience in cake making or fancy icing!
My husband made the sail of the pirate cake just by using cake dowels and rolled up pieces of cloth tied to the dowels.

I used the piertos cookies to edge the ship, whoppers as the cannon balls, pirate men that I purchased from a party supply store, a rice krispie treat that I cut into fours as a TNT case, black candles that were aligned into the side of the cake as the cannons, and then dyed the coconut blue for the water.
Here is a really cool pirate cake; I went on the Internet and found some ideas on different cakes and came up with this version. For the pirate cake I used a 10-inch spring form cheesecake pan and cut it in half, wrapped it in wrap and put in freezer for a little while to firm up. The pirate cake islands were cupcakes with blue painted frosting on the sides and brown sugar on the top for sand, I stuck a pretzel stick on the top and made leaves for the trees out of construction paper. When we delivered the pirate cake, the ride was really bumpy and the pirate cake started to fall apart. This pirate cake was fun to make and turned out really cool, I got a lot of comments on it. September 11, 2015 by Emma Edwards 8 Comments In celebration of Talk Like A Pirate Day we have teamed up with bloggers from around the world to bring you a Pirate Blog Hop hosted by Peakle Pie. Unfortunately at the time of writing you can not buy any Pirates Love Underpants merchandise so I set about creating our own pants loving ship. I was suprised how little mess the sensory bin created and having the Pirate table cloth underneath meant tidying up was quick and easy.
During a difficult pregnancy suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) Emma vowed to make every day an adventure once she had recovered. I made one a 9x13 and then I made three medium sized loaf pan cakes (you only need one but the box makes three, so I made them in case of goofups). I also found that it works better if you use the whipped icing because it's much softer and spreads smoother without causing the cake to break up.
I made my own sails with cardstock and I wrote 'Happy birthday Donny' on one set and then printed some pictures from the Internet to use for the other sail. I used candy fish to give some color and we used a toy treasure chest and pushed it slightly into the pirate cakes water as if it was sinking treasure.
Cut cakes in half, and stack on top of one another with frosting in between each layer, flat sides all lined up.
I used those round Pirouline cookies on the top, heath bar balls for cannon balls, gold Rolos for treasure and waffleten for cannons.
I am not exactly sure of the recipe as I have lost it and it was given to me by my sister in law. I used my sons' little pirate figures, Rolos for the pirate cake cannons, caramel balls for the cannon balls, root beer barrel candy, treasure chocolates and peppermint sticks to decorate the edges of the pirate cake.

I was really upset, but when fixed again people told me it looked like a cannon had hit the pirate cake ship where it was messed up. Put the two halves together with icing, ice the rest of the ships, and put into the freezer for an hour so the icing will harden. Other things I used were for the Cannon balls - Whoppers, Gold Rollo left in wrapper, and cannons on the side of the ship were Rollo's removed from paper (toothpicks on the back to secure to cake).
I used a Make Your Own Pirate Ship kit, painted it black and attached underpants I printed from Twinkl.
Adventures of Adam is the outcome of completing a 100 day play challenge with Adam as part of that promise. I had seen the pirate ship in a cake book I have but I changed a lot of it to look different. I sculpted the ends of the cake with a knife and frosted it before placing it on the 9x13 cake. I also put some little stones around the cake for decoration of the table along with balloons.
I had printed extra invites, so I used the skull and crossbones part of it for the sails and some plastic pirates from a toy around the house. I put the pirate cake on a board before decorating, iced the bottom, sprayed it blue to look like the sea, and placed gummy sharks and cupcake islands on the sea of the pirate cake.
We are huge fans of the Underpants series and have already created an Aliens Love Underpants Busy Bag and Aliens Love Panta Claus Playdough. I also decorated the sensory bin with Pirate bunting and placed our sensory bin on top of a Pirate table cloth. Finally I needed some treasure to bury. Emma has a section dedicated to HG friendly play activities so that Mums can still be part of their children’s play whilst they are ill. To create the sandy shores I emptied a 500g bag of value cornflakes into our 33 Litre Really Useful Box.
I also placed several laminated underpants reused from our Aliens Love Panta Claus playdough. Pepperidge Farm cookies sticks to make edging around the ship and gold chocolate money to decorate as treasure.

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