The Pirate Galleon is a 35 foot long wooden pirate ship that sets the imagination racing of every child who has ever seen it. Please take a look at the photo mosaic of the Pirate Galleon (shown alongside our Miniature Pirate Ship).
For pricing information, please refer to our pricing page, view the pricing on the pirate ships page, or get in contact with us to make an enquiry and discuss a potential project. About UsWe have been producing high quality custom-made play equipment for a quarter of a century. Real Life Size Angry Birds Set was Custom Made for KNEX brand Toys and the Philadelphia Eagles.
Custom Sculpture Enlargement of your product or items turn your product into full size foam sculpture props.
This podium was made for the Michigan Woman's Conference and was 4 foot tall with plexiglass tabletop.
See our Red carpet displays for Goldfish, NERF, Kids Footlocker and The New Scooby Do Movie . Big - Giant 15 foot long Dog Bone Foam Bench Sculpture Prop and 4 Foot Tall foam Fire Hydrants. These theme props were created for the new Best Friend Pet Care facility at Disney World, Orlando. This Giant 30 foot Pirate Ship Foam Prop, Foam Displays and Supporting extras were created in 8 Days. This Giant Foam Fake Rock slide prop was created for Toyota's Test Drive Events across the country. Call Dino Rentos Studios and our prop makers will custom build any foam or cardboard prop you need for your display or event. 10′ Gang Plank with double rope railing and wooden safety treads provides a safe walkway up into the tower. Your children can play games, draw, or have a picnic on the Child’s Round Table and Chairs.

Two pieces of cardboard (as big as possible – you can see how big ours are relative to the scissors and plate). Tape your two pieces together and flip inside out (so that the tape is on the inside) and get started.
Get some great fancy dress extras, such as pirate hats, telescopes, parrots, hooks and pirate flags, to jazz up your pop up boat.
We started by seeing roughly where the port holes would go and placed the plates onto the cardboard to make nice big holes so that you can really see out. I also added some black lines with a felt tip pen, to represent planks along the side of the ship. We then wrapped some rough string around the anchor and taped that in place (the kids can pull the anchor into the ship or throw it back out again to dock). Visit the main Party Delights site to stock up on all the pirate accessories you need for your photo booth. Maggy Woodley is a regular guest blogger on the Party Delights blog and the award-winning creator of Red Ted Art. About Party DelightsParty Delights is the UK's largest online provider of party supplies and fancy dress. Our Three to Five: Playful Preschool resource is full of creative, hands-on learning, including math, literacy, science, art and play. Sail the high seas searching for lost treasure, go whale watching, pack your bags for Carribean cruise and whole lot more!
If you've got a little princess in your family, she'll love a carriage to climb into with her books and favorite cuddly things. The pirate galleon features two accessible cabins, glass windows, a working bell, and a turning ship’s wheel.
Clicking an image will take you into slideshow mode where you can view larger versions of the images. Made to Order Prop Maker display retail trade show film movie theater play decoration - Dino Rentos Studios, INC.

Read more of her posts for easy craft tutorials, DIYs and loads of fun activities for kids!
With ideas from Nurturestore and a crew of kid bloggers from around the seven seas, here are over thirty five ideas you can use with your little pirates. Pick up some friends, wave to people, drop off freight, who knows what active imaginations can dream up? This cardboard horse and carriabe wearable comes with adjustable shoulder straps and printed pre cut cardboard pieces. Comes with adjustable straps, bucket fasteners and printed, precut cardboard pieces to color and paint.
Kids can pretend to drive to school, deliver flowers, or just cruise the neighborhood enjoying the view through the moonroof. Sally and Lawerence visit Dino Rentos Studios for some advice on props that they win on this episode.
I am guessing that almost EVERY child, boy or girl, at some point or another has been invited to a pirate party! Be careful not to accidentally cut the floor – place something underneath to protect it. Toddlers to elementary school age children will have hours of fun painting, decorating and going on new adventures in a pirate ship, space shuttle, train, horse carriage, or sports car. Both my kids (a boy and a girl) LOVE pretend pirate play and there are lots of ship wrecks and treasure hunts going on in our house. Kids can foster their imagination by sailing the high seas, blasting off into space, riding a speeding train, traveling by carriage, or racing down an imaginary road in these cardboard vehicles.
Combine it with some pirate dress up clothes and you will have some fantastic party pictures.

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