Then Sun Hi or Sun Hee (I feel like it keeps changing) arrives, vlogging about pointless things like all vloggers do. We meet the aforementioned Corki later on in the episode, she’s like some violin-playing, spy, mad scientist, and likely a murderer too. I’m not into a lot of dupstep, however, a nice blend of dub vibes fused with anything from Nelly Furtado to Mozart will get my rave face on.
Please don’t let the suggested hype make you wary of watching this masterpiece, where an alleged tween show is actually a sinister, biographical, dark comedy.
He’s just a white guy trying to get by, making some sick beats, and paying off his unbearable debt.

They both blog, she’s now competing in the American market with CL, and Corki represents the murderous intentions of the K-pop industry tracking her down in America.
She doesn’t want Sun Hi uploading vlogs with her in it, likely because she killed a person and doesn’t want anybody to recognize her. The whole school are in the hall, welcoming new students and stuff, normal hall things, when Sun Hi awkwardly stands up and flaps her arms about.
After finding out that their third roommate could be a mass murderer, they go on the hunt to find more information.
The deputy headmistress comments on her SICK outfit, which apparently breaks some rules or whatever, but we’re all thinking it’s F L A W L E S S (NOT BAD MEANING BAD BUT BAD MEANING GOOD, YOU KNOW?).

Sun Hi and Jodi introduce themselves to Caleb in the hallway, which is a TOTALLY NORMAL segue into how they hear his sick beats. But instead of doing anything productive they end up in CALEB’S locker, where they decided on having sex or something because they were trapped.
Jodi also makes her own clothes, which I did when I was a teen, so I feel really connected with her character.

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