Out of all the many party theme ideas to choose from, we decided to have a pirate party for my son Dylan's 6th birthday.
We rolled up the invitations and tied them with raffia leaving one of the tails long enough so that it would stick out of the bottle for easy retrieval.
Party theme ideas for pirate decorations included red balloons along with skull & crossbones black balloons, we also used a 12 ft. As the guests arrived at the party my husband offered his tattoo service with lots of pirate tattoos to choose from. Since all the pirates were wet we moved onto the Battle of Pirates game - one of the coolest pirate party theme ideas. The treasure chest was made from a Styrofoam box that was used to ship Omaha Steaks, I spray painted the outside brown and the inside gold then attached two ropes to the sides. The Party theme ideas and photos in this section have been graciously submitted by readers like yourself. I talked to R about orientation, and explained that the map was a representation of the room in which we were standing. He then placed the landmarks in their appropriate positions on the map and glued them in place. This was a huge hit and when he had found all five Lego figures, R hid the figures for me to find.
I set up a very simple invitation to play with some play dough that was left over from our recent Easter play dough activity, a wooden rolling pin and some Lego bricks. This activity was great for fine motor skills, literacy and spacial awareness but best of all, he was having fun!
After making a few more letters with his Lego bricks, R brought in some of his Lego Star Wars characters and the play became about imaginative story telling as he re-created a scene from one of the movies. Subscribe to One Perfect Day by email and our activities will be delivered straight to you inbox. To set up our Lego math game I printed out the numbers 1 through 20 and cut them into individual pieces.
Next, he thought about which number was greater than the other, and positioned the greater than symbol appropriately. After he had made his prediction about which number was larger, R began building his Lego towers to see if he was correct. This gave him a clear visual representation of the mathematical equation, and he was easily able to see whether he had made the correct prediction.
Site user Flailx has created some nice renders of what the set might look like, and has chosen to use The Wind Waker as the game to draw creativity from.
The idea is currently almost up to the 10,000 supporters needed to put the set up for review by the company. Ah tks so much Sne for bringing that beauty here I am so pissed off I didn't buy one when you did Oh well, I can at least admire your review now Its really a great model that is very cleverly built IMO.
The invitations were made using my computer (I used Old English Text font for the invite but I did use Times New Roman font for the important info like date, place, time and RSVP), I then took it to a copy shop and had copies made. We also added some sand (from our dirt road) and confetti (parrots, sharks & palm trees). Once a pirate was tattooed they were given a pirate hat, an eye patch and a treasure chest to decorate. We placed a 2 x 6 across a kiddy pool and secured it to two towel wrapped cement blocks (we wrapped the blocks in towels so no one would scrape there feet).
My husband and I had constructed two pirate ships from refrigerator boxes and duct tape, with a door at the end of each ship and three portholes on the front. For the treasure hunt we handed out inflatable swords because you can't go on a treasure hunt without a pirate sword (Notice we saved the swords for last!). If you've got some cool party ideas and photos to share, we'd love for you to send them over.

You need something fairly strong if you want these to be practical and not just decorative. If you like what you have found, please join us on Facebook  or follow us on Pinterest or Twitter where you will find lots of ideas for fun kids activities, thoughts on parenting, family recipes and more.
We’ve enjoyed a garden treasure hunt with painted rocks, and an alphabet treasure hunt with objects from around our home to name just a few. When the map was complete, I hid five Lego mini figures around the room and placed blue dot stickers on the map to show where they were hidden.
He moved the blue dot stickers to the appropriate parts of the map to show me where he had hidden the figures, so he was using the map in a new way as we reversed our roles in the game. He eventually rolled the play dough out flat and pushed Lego bricks into it to make an impression. We’d love for you to join us on Facebook , Pinterest or Twitter where you will find lots of fun activities for kids to play, learn, create and explore. On any given day our dining table is covered from end to end with R’s (4 yrs) latest creations.
He placed one number on the left of the Lego base board and the second number to the right.
He built a tower of blue bricks on the left, using the same number of bricks as was written on the number he had selected earlier.
He loves to learn about numbers, but adding Lego to the mix just made this even more fun for him. The set would include an island (with some ChuChus creeping on it), a pirate ship, the King of Red Lions, Toon Link, and now Tetra.
I mentioned the USS Constellation which was part of the already legendary “Legend series” … The Legend series was created to relive the good old days.
This is one of the best party theme ideas for the pirate party - put together it looked really great as you can see in the picture, just be sure if you are mailing these go very easy on the sand or you can really rack up a postage bill! I placed a large 3' x 5' pirate flag on the front porch flagpole so the guests could easily find us.
I used brown wrapping paper and drew a large treasure map using markers on it (I made a replica of the map found on the Family Fun website) then ripped the edges for that old worn look.
I placed many 6-inch rubber sharks in the pool, which was later given out to the children with their goody bags.
We then laid a very large blue tarp between the two ships and filled both ships with about 150 water balloons each.
For the goody bags I just packed everything in Ziploc bags and the kids emptied their treasures in the decorated treasure chests they made. You'll be taking part in creating the Web's ultimate kids birthday party ideas resource that's ALWAYS FREE for everyone to enjoy!
I thought it would be fun switch things up a little and add some map reading to our treasure hunt games. I’m not sure if it was the fact that we were playing a treasure hunt game, or that it involved Lego or that he was excited to learn something new (map reading) but whatever it was, R loved this game! He kneaded the dough and hid the pieces of Lego inside declaring them to be hidden pirate’s treasure. There are so many ways to play with Lego and we’ve been using it for lots of math and literacy games as well. I put the numbers into a bowl, along with twenty blue Lego bricks and twenty red Lego bricks.
He then built a tower of red bricks, with the same number of bricks as the second number that he had selected earlier.
Well, I’m willing to bet you enjoy the latter, at least, since you are here at Zelda Universe. Unfortunately, many of us, including me, were still in their dark age when the series was going to her end, so we all still have traumas of not having been able to buy multiples of pirate ships and pizza restaurants… Luckily , I did get my hands on two copies of the “Connie”.

For the gift table I placed a skull (Halloween prop) with a large rubber snake and gold beads and coins all around it, this really looked great!
Each child took turns walking the plank but it was so hot they began falling into the shark-laden pool on purpose - they had a lot of fun and cooled off too!
The kids loved this water balloon fight even the parents asked if we had extra balloons for an adult battle. Each Ziploc bag contained lots of gold coins, a pirate pencil, pirate flag, 2 strands of gold beads, 2 ring pops and a few pirate tattoos. I used very inexpensive magnets from our local $2 shop (for my US and UK readers, that’s the Australian equivalent of the Dollar Tree). These landmarks were the furniture in our room – bookshelves, sofas, coffee tables etc. This activity began as a sensorial activity, then quickly moved into imaginative play and story telling and even included some sight word practise. We recently combined Lego with play dough to learn spatial awareness and letter recognition. On the map I placed a glittery sticker of a treasure chest on the island, the child who placed their X closest to this was the winner. It fosters spatial awareness, encourages problem-solving skills, creative thinking and reasoning. I colour coded the cardboard landmarks so that sofas and chairs were all one colour, tables and bookshelves were another, and the TV was a third colour. It was meant to attract the older lego fans who where not interested in simple sets of the minifig world.
The goody bags were passed out to each child along with a plastic shark from the Walk the Plank game.
The series didn’t last long, though… I guess it was totally blown away by Lego technic and trains… Even though it was described by Lego as a difficult model to build, it looked quite simple to me.
Yet i have read virtually all of the books and watched the television program!Sorry, i'm going incredibly off topic Great ship anyway Sne!
Ok, so we’ve moved on since the 70s, I guess we’re used to far more difficult models than this nowadays…However, it requires some concentration to build the beauty. Black plates are easily missed and there’s no indication on the drawings what parts have been added.
The only actual problem for me, however, is that they also changed the parts on the covers of the box and the poster, and in my humble opinion, they did a lousy job. You not only see that it’s been changed, you also clearly see these parts do not look like the real thing.AND:Welcome back, you goodies! It’s not a classic 15-17th century ship, so there’s hardly any heavy construction next to the actual hull. It seems as if they assumed they could try a few unusual tricks in this series, things they would drop later on, in minifig sets… Perhaps they thought there would be no playability involved, thus allowing more fragile constructions to be part of the set!The masts are not solidly fit onto the deck.
There’s nothing as terrible as a badly applied sticker on a pedestal.That’s about it, really! It’s a great ship, if you’re not into minifigs and just want to find a set to display at home. It’s basically a “stand alone” set, a set that does not mark you as an adult who’s reliving his childhood years, but a model that simply shows that you can build great things with basic bricks, created for kids. It’s not a 2000 piece “Victory” or a highly detailed Spanish warship; It’s a modest but graceful ship that does not promise you all treasures of the world, it’s not a ship as gigantic or as legendary as the Titanic, it’s basically a ship that generates a nice vibe every time you see it, that’s all!

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