I’ll show you the supplies I used and walk you through how to make these tiny houses.
If you would like to rescue more craft supplies from the trash bin, also see DIY Soda Can Garden Charms and DIY Water Bottle Bird Feeders. Some links (like Amazon) go to shops via my affiliate accounts—or to eBay, where I write a blog. When I make a new project like this, I like to test a whole bunch of options to come up with what I think is the best way to make it. You want one piece shorter than the other (the difference is the thickness of the wood) so you can put them together the way you see in the image above (L-shaped).
You could miter the ends but since I used cheap plywood, the miters would not really look good. I actually found that by using the punch upside-down, I could see exactly where it was going to cut and therefore waste very little metal.
Be sure to work on an old piece of wood (or something similar) that you don’t mind getting little holes in. Just like a real roof, you want to start at the bottom row and overlap each new row as you go. To finish it off, you might want to glue on a folded piece of metal to cover the top of the roof (like flashing).
You could also go a more traditional junk-birdhouse route and use old drawer pulls, handles, little number signs, and other riff-raff to dress them up. Hang the tiny cottages from chains and suspend little bird feeders, bird baths, or flower baskets below. Connect with Melissa here at Empress of Dirt, Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. May 15, 2012 by Jessi Wohlwend 15 Comments This is part of the relaxing home spa kit I made for my mom for Mother’s Day this year.
I filled these cans with little candies that our moms will enjoy, but the best part about this craft is that you can use any size can, fill them with whatever you want, and they will make the perfect gifts for anybody on any occasion! I started with two smallish cans of mixed fruit, but any can will do as long as it has a pop tab lid and a lip on the bottom. We would LOVE for you to stop over and link up this awesome idea in our Crafty Saturday Showcase. DIY Silver Pine Cone WreathDIY Bracelet with Zipper and Chain10 Awesome Craft Projects to Make this WeekHow To Make A St. You could also suspend them from a hook and hang little bird feeders or bird baths below or add small, hanging flower baskets. On this cottage, I cut each tab using the punch, and then I punched them in half again (to get two pieces). I was also rather delighted to discover that one piece ends up looking like a perfect cat head which I’m sure I’ll use in future craft projects!
The actual staples should be added at the top of each shingle where they will be hidden under the next row above.

I cut out metal from the soda cans to create little doors, windows, birds, and (of course) cat heads. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. Leave a Comment This is a great idea for all those soda and beer cans that you save because they have pretty graphics.
You could put a zippo lighter inside, wrap it in black paper, and make groomsmen gifts, or use pink paper with earrings and a necklace inside for bridesmaids gifts. If you time this right you can use the contents of your cans for dinner or lunch or snacks or whatever. I used hot tamales in the can for my mom, and miniature tootsie rolls in the one for JM’s mom.
There have to be like a bajillion possibilities that I haven’t come up with yet, especially if you use different sizes and papers!
Welcome to Practically Functional, a blog about real projects that real people can actually do!
We were thrilled to have you and hope that you stop back in on Saturday and link up more crafty ideas! As soon as I learned it could punch metal sheets, I thought how cute it would look to make tin shingles on a birdhouse.
I also thought it would be fun to tin-punch a giant letter for each house and spell out a word. Pop on over to the blog Buttons and Paint for the tutorial on how to make a five pointed dimensional star out of a recycled soda can. I found the idea at Our Best Bites and made two of my own for my mom and JM’s mom, and they turned out great!
You could put earplugs and an eye mask inside of one for a frequent traveler, or these would be awesome presents for children’s birthday parties. Also, be warned that sometimes the cans still smell like whatever was in them, so if you’re worried about that canned fruit is a safer bet than chili or beans. I just poured the fruit cocktail from my cans into some popsicle molds and stuck ’em in the freezer.
If you’re a little more forward-thinking than I was you can combine this step with Step Three and glue the label onto the paper before you glue it on the can.
You could also grab some curling ribbon and curl up the ends with scissors after tying it to the can to give you some fun ribbons on the top. You don't have to be a pro in order to craft or do DIY projects; Practically Functional is full of projects for everyday life that anyone can do, regardless of skill or experience! Since the 4x4s wood pieces are actually solid (not hollow inside like a birdhouse), the idea morphed into tiny cottages instead. That would look very sweet to see a bunch of them in bright colours all hanging on a fence spelling out W-E-L-C-O-M-E or, if you prefer, G-O A-W-A-Y.
Favourite topics include repurposed DIY projects and tutorials, organic gardening, creative garden ideas, debt-free living, nature (what more is there?), and sustainable living—all with a dash of humour and side order of freshly-grown salad greens.

You could put a few little Hot Wheels in there, or some princess jewelry…there are tons of options!
Once it’s cut to size, glue one end of the paper to the can (craft glue will work fine here), wrap the paper around, and glue the other end. Whether you're looking for fun crafts, DIY projects both big and small, gardening advice, cleaning tips, or quick and easy recipes, you'll find them here!
If you use a safety can opener like I did it takes the bottom off and the ring around the outside.
Once your cans are empty, peel off the label and wash the cans and lids out really well, then set them aside to dry. Remember, the bottom of the can is actually going to be the top, so I wanted tissue paper covering the candies when my mom opened it up.
The original tutorial said to use hot glue, but I tried that with my lids and it definitely did not work. Follow the step by step instructions in every tutorial, and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions! This makes it really easy to reattach the bottom later because it fits back onto the can perfectly.
You want to make sure your cans are really dry before refilling them, so give it a few hours, or use a paper towel and make sure you get all the water droplets.
At this point I just sort of messed with it and let the rolled up paper expand a bit until the paper was up against the edges of the can, and then I cut off the extra paper sticking out of the top. I think I didn’t work fast enough and the glue dried in big clumps before I could press it onto the can. You can make your own pretty easily in Word, or you can just use the ones I made if you like. Make sure to leave a few inches of extra so that you can fold it over on the bottom; this will protect your candies (or whatever) from glue in case some drips into the can when you glue the bottom back on. Plus, I wanted a really tight fit and hot glue is super thick, so I decided to just use some superglue.
Leave about half an inch connected to the rest of the can, bend the lid up to empty the can, and then bend it back down when you reattach it later. I put tiny dabs on the inside rim of the lid in about six spots and then pressed the lid back on. If you used a regular can opener you probably do want to use hot glue here because it is thicker and will help close up the gap between the lid and the can.

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