My good friends, James and Tanille had recently downsized into a small trailer that they had beautifully renovated from the ground up.
The timing was perfect – a 1958 pink (yes, pink!) single-wide trailer was for sale in their little trailer park for $5,000.
Bike trailers are surprisingly useful and you can actually carry far, far more gear than you could carry on your person with a rucksack etc. My friend Dan and I built this kayak trailer for my bike in what amounted to a couple nights. Using some scrap wood we found in the wood shop, the wheels from a child's bicycle I bought on Craigslist, a PVC pipe I had bought at Lowe's, and this kayak foam kit, we threw this thing together in a few nights spread out over a month.
My friend Sadie paddling in the Charles River Esplanade on the inaugural two-kayak trip of the trailer. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License.
From building airplanes, I'd say if you made the frame out of a harder wood not necessarly balsa. I was thinking about other wood too, I used to be a finish carpenter so I'm really good at working with wood. Well I went to the LHS and they had some balsa and basswood however they didn't have the sizes I wanted.
I came across a fiberglass repair kit at ACE yesterday, it included the resin, 3sq feet of fiberglass cloth and was only about $14.
I plan on posting pics as I go along, however I think I'll be busy with work for the next week or so and don't know if I'll be able to do a whole lot. Ok, did a little work, I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with 2 axles, 3 would look funny because the boat isn't long enough. As the time for the second phase of the Expedition aproaches (Central and South America) we decided to leave behind some of the heavy stuff. Designed to meet off-road capabilities of Jeep 4x4 vehicles, Jeep Trail and Extreme Trail campers incorporate Jeep Wrangler’s rugged design cues, including Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 17-inch cast-aluminum wheels, taillights, fender flares, badging and hood-tie downs.
One broken rubber latch (see picture US$12), Dented front plate panel (see picture, covered with duck tape) - This happened because I forgot the trailer was connected and made a rear maneuver, the back side of the car kneaded it. I am doing an expedition that have crossed the USA and now will continue through Central and South Americas, the trailer was awesome during the US part of the trip but I do not want to cross the border and beyond with it. It just calls to much attention wherever it goes and I'm not willing to increase the risk of being robbed.
1) The trailer is parked in the San Francisco area, at Putnam Chrysler Dodge Jeep Dealer in Burlingame, as a favor.
2) I will not ship the trailer, if you want to buy it you must arrange to pick it up at the dealership.

3) Due to the ongoing expedition I am always in motion and would prefer the payment via PayPal, it is safer for both parties. With so much focus these days on small spaces and mobile living, it would be a mistake to forget that the classic teardrop-style trailer has been around for well over fifty years. Teardrop trailers were introduced as far back as the 1930s – not too long after the advent of mainstream, mass-produced automobiles for the public. Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes!
I have a big dog, Cassi, and the thought of moving into an apartment with her made me want to stick my head in the sand. My wonderful friends helped me around the clock – sorting, organizing and selling my things, painting every interior surface of the trailer, replacing all the flooring, and moving me in.
I too went thru a divorce that upended my life, and like you live with 2 very large dogs who kept me from being too depressed, so I relate to your uplifting story. Note the famous Citgo sign in the background and the baguette I managed to fit in my lifejacket so I could eat and paddle at the same time. Maybe pine would be better, I was thinking balsa because it works well with CA glue and is super easy to cut.
I have the wood, straightened it out, came up with a design, a joint method and am ready to start working on it.
I really wanted to do a 3 axle design too but I just don't think it would look right, however I might build another trailer since this one is going so quickly.
Bellow are the link to our EBay ad for the trailer (I am also selling the BIG Eeze Awn 1800T roof top tent).
It is only cosmetic since the inside of the trailer is not part of that front panel, to repair it, just remove the screws and bend it to the correct curvature.
You are welcome to see it if you are interested but please do not ask any question about it to the dealership personnel, they do not know. It is in perfect working order with brand new tires and all lights functioning, all you need is a 2" tow ball. In that time, there have been countless innovative variations on the basic shape, style and functionality of this core design. Dark brown paneling, stained and ripped flooring, chipped tub and sinks, cracked countertops, disastrous lighting…. I was disabled when he left, and since I could no longer work in veterinary medicine,started a small jewelry company that is flourishing.
You kept the best, including the dog, and you left behind the things that do not bring you joy.
Below is a simple tutorial that shows how to build a bike trailer from some pallets and old bike wheels.

I took some pics with two and three wheels to simulate axles to see how it will look, give me some opions, I still can't decide. Tomorrow I plan on finishing the cross braces and starting on the rails that the boat actually sits on.
I bought a Nikko boat about 6 months ago and I was going to covert it to regular electronics and put in a better motor. If we have not sold the trailer until that date we might consider deliver it if you are on our path going south to San Diego. The resulting cabin is reserved for, at most, sleeping quarters for two and a bit of storage, while cooking, lounging and other related functions are relegated to the outdoors by necessity.To this day, teardrops represent one of the cheapest and easiest do-it-yourself portable building types out there, and people continue to customize them in all kinds of creative ways. I live in a tiny house, on practically no money, that I painted bright banana yellow, and love my life now. To be honest – it would be fairly easy to scavenge all the materials needed to build a bike trailer like this and make it for free. My first idea was to use small aluminum stock such as C channel, angle iron, and small nuts and bolts to fasten it all together.
Maybe I'll cruize down to the LHS and see what they have in stock, they might have that other kind that you are thinking about. All I'm using is a small hobby miter box and saw, glue, a small drill bit, and some 1 inch brad nails. It's actually a bit larger than this boat and I think a 3 axle would look just right under it. I remembered that I liked to live with just my pup and if we wanted to lie around and eat popsicles all day, no one cared. I think three axles would look cool however it may not look right if the boat is not long enough.
In the second pic you can make out the center beam of the trailer, that is about how long it will be.
Now, when asked where I live, I say, “A pink trailer in the ghetto.” People awkwardly chuckle in response, but the moment I bring them inside my home it’s always the same reaction – “Wow! I think I'll just paint it and put a good clear coat on it to keep water from saturating the wood. I would use TC tires on it and haven't figured out how to mount the axles yet or come up with a general design yet. The size of my home forces me to live a simple life, unencumbered by too many unnecessary things.

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