I love the look of the wood so I left my knife rack as is but you could stain it or paint it. If you want to give Glue Dots® a try, don’t forget to enter my Glue Dots® giveaway just for EYS fans!
I also live in an apartment and the Glue Dot seem like a great way to temporarily adhere lightweight items to the walls.
I am a woodworker not a metal smith so I leave the knife blade making to others.My job is to make a beautiful handle for your knife blade. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Now use a sander to finish the box : it should end up nicely square, and all panels need to be clean and smooth. Because it is quite expensive, but not too hard to make one yourself, I decided to contribute another instructable. You could modify the dimensions if you want to : I just made it to the size of some Oak I had left over, and the final result is about the right size for 3 to 6 knives. Remark 2 : It is important to take your time, take it one part at a time and let it dry enough. They should not be damaged as long as you don't ram them in as hard as you can, just use common sense.
The soft OSB used as a base is plenty soft to not cause any damage to any knives that are long enough to touch bottom.
Ask any professional wood-butcher (carpenter!) why they use respiratory protection when working with Oriented Strand Board or any other manufactured wood product. I'm thinking you could probably fit a little silicone pad into the bottom to prevent that.

Studies have conclusively shown that plastic surfaces are far more conducive to bacterial transfer than wooden ones. I saw your instructable before Christmas and decided to make one for my girlfriend and one for my parents!
One suggestion for holding it all in place while the glue dries and another as an improvement. I realy like this, I have three knife blocks and they only hold certain knives made for them, but this one I can make it any size I want and hold any knife I want, this is great and it's muct safer than just throwing them in a drawer and wont damage the knifes cutting edge. While my LA apartment kitchen is a lot bigger than my NYC studio, I wanted to free up some prime top drawer space occupied by my knives. Then all that’s left is to hang it on  your kitchen wall or on the inside of a cabinet door. Connect with us on social media through the widget below to enter the giveaway (this giveaway is open to US and Canada residents only. I keep my knives in a drawer, but if I have to switch and my hands are dirty with food, this would be so much easier.
I may seem simple, but it is difficult to glue 5 pieces together, keeping right angles everywhere. As long as the box is deeper than the length of the blade of your longest knife, it is a safe way to store your knives.
I had some scrap Koa wood I had used for a butcher block island top, and with a dark stain.
Once in a while, when pulling out a knife, one or two skewers slide up a few cm, then you need to push them down, which is very easy.
I recently gave my knife block away because the bamboo sticks were secured to the bottom and it grossed me out that I could not clean it really well.

My solution was to design and make a DIY wood knife rack that’s a hybrid between a knife block and magnetic knife strip. Repeat the process for the other end. This is optional, but I also added edging on the sides of the piece of wood for a cleaner look. I cut the lattice with a miter box and saw (affliate link) but you can also have this done at the hardware store. I rested mine on the counter and used a sheet of the repositionable adhesive from Glue Dots to hold it up against the tile.
I know, I sound like an info-mercial, but seriously, this is how you can make a pretty magnetic knife rack. This was such a simple project to do and I love that I now have easy access to my knives and that I’ve freed up some of that precious drawer space in my kitchen! I finish the handle with tung oil which makes the richness of the wood grain and color come out and gives a natural look. The color and figuring of the handle scales is really unusual and stunning to see, combined with the powerful feel of this knife, makes a really beautiful and functional piece of art.This fixed blade is made commercially by Wood River Knives from 6A high carbon stainless steel. Special arrangements with me for Priority mail, Express mail, mail insurance, or signature confirmation.

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