The thing is that DIY projects have an undetermined life, unless the actually break or wear out, someone other than the builder may be using it 3 years later. If a bow breaks at full draw, the top arm can easily cause a very nasty injury to the face. I was gonna make a joke about replacing your own cracked limbs, but I realised it probably wouldn’t be that funny. Any sentence that contains bears, takedowns and cracked limbs sounds like it should be way more hardcore than just a bow. I recently repaired a 70s Bear one-piece recurve (Stag Hunter, 51lbs) – it was suffering from some minor delamination of the limbs (between wood layers.
Now if he had figured out how to incorporate compressed air and PVC, this would be a winner. You can use dental floss for the string on small pistol grip bows, great stuff dental floss. The sad thing is that for many of us, it is easier to come by discarded stuff such as a pair of old skis than it is to obtain suitable materials – even a tree.
Similarly, it is often cheaper nowadays to procure metal to make plate armor than it is to get leather of sufficient quality for armor. Depending on the design (and your location), osage orange, lemonwood, hickory, even red oak.
Love it :) Just the kind of neat build and fun at heart project that I (and my father) love.
Yew was prized in Europe, though some of the oldest designs for bows found (Mollegabat and Holmegaard) used so-called white-woods such as elm. A recurve bow is designed to curve away from the shooter when drawn, which results in faster arrows and forceful shots. How to Make a Recurve Bow The knowledge gained through the experience of making your own bow makes this more than just prideful accomplishment.
How to make a 8th grader talk to you when you are in 6th grade and make your friend jealous?
Several years ago, I made this recurve bow with bamboo on the back, bamboo flooring on the belly, and cedar in the core.
A year later, I decided that rather than leave the bow indefinitely to collect dust or throw it away, I'd experiment with it and see if I could fix it. I was so surprised when I succeeded in fixing the bow, that I posted it on the Leatherwall as The bow that lived, which for those of you who are not in the know, was an allusion to the failed attempt of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's attempt to kill Harry Potter. Since I had offered to give this bow to my neighbor with the thought that it most likely wasn't going to work out, I was a little disappointed that I had offered to give it to him. Okay, I finally got a camera, I finally got the time, and now I can finally post my first instructable.
Changing the spindle speed for a manual drill press requires physically adjusting belts between pulleys.
This project is a meld of form, function, economy, necessity, learning, dreaming, engineering, and creating. The new project of make it extreme is the transformation of an old microwave oven into a brand new spot welder. Here's an Instructable on how to clean and polish your pennies and smashed pennies if they're dirty.For all of you coin enthusiasts out there and elongated penny collectors, you will probably find this Instructable very helpful. This is a fairly simple to build extension for a table saw to help when cutting large sheets of wood, or to add a little extra surface area for small projects. If you've been thinking about building an LED tail light for your motorcycle - or any other vehicle - then you need to read this guide.
Your refrigerator door gasket seals cold air within the insulated interior to prevent food spoilage. No gas pump for this car!  A Three Wheel Bike Car, with panniers, a cargo platform, 16 speeds, and a canopy.

Brushless motors use electronic controllers instead of brush systems to control the timing and distribution of power to the motor.
One of my favorite scenes in Toy Story 2 is the Woody's cleaning process, in which is depicted an awesome toolchest, with endless drawers and hidden compartments, I love the way that Woody is repaired and cleaned. The philosophy of this table is that anyone can bake whatever he wants and for as long as he needs to make his food. If you need to move large items(Go Kart, Picnic table, or a vehicle)in and out of your back yard here is a cheap and very easy way, with 17$(if you don't have to buy any tools). If you want to make a box that looks like a professional craftsman hand made it, but don't want to spend hours measuring and hand fitting, just follow these instructions and you'll not only impress your friends, you'll even impress yourself!All of us have made boxes of one type or another.
If you're anything like me, you love woodworking carpentry, but hate the tedium of finishing. This is the first in a small series on making wooden toys from leftover pieces of wood or MDF.
Easy Fill - Another Pair of Hands in the KitchenIf you ever have to fill plastic bags for freezing or storage you're more than familiar with the problem: you're holding a pot full of stuff in one hand and trying to hold open a very flexible bag to pour the stuff in with the other hand. See video for a complete over view and details to many steps that are difficult to put into words. My son came to me with a photo that he found online of a desk calendar made out of wooden blocks. If you are a woodworker or not, chances are that you have some scrap wood taking up space in your shop or garage. You can make an awesome looking cutting board and it only takes a few hardwood offcuts to do it. How to successfully remove a nail from a delicate piece of wood without damaging the wood itself. It's hard to think of a simpler yet more effective woodworking tool than the cabinet scraper – a flat, thin, post card-sized sheet of spring steel dragged by hand across a wood surface to leave a glass-smooth finish. When I sat down to design this bench, I forced myself to make it as simple as I possibly could while keeping it attractive and comfortable. As with any new project I've attempted, each step along the way is unfamiliar to me and some steps are deserving of my apprehension, while others equally as worrisome turned out to be a piece of cake. Here are three (or four) field-expedient methods for drawing curves that I use frequently when building houses and furniture.
This awesome looking live edge coffee table is made using a slab of wood and some flat bar steel which I bent into shape, so no welding involved.
Plywood gets alot of stick in the guitar world, being reserved for mostly only the cheapest guitars.
A Portable Workshop for those of you that don't have much space or a compact cabinet you can carry all your stuff to work in other locations.I wanted it to keep it as small as possible for those of you that don't have much space or your car and tools share the same place.
Here are the complete steps toward building a 3-stringed musical instrument, taught and inspired by the Andy Mackie Music Foundation. After first drawing up a plan he headed down to the shop to cut out the wooden riser (the middle part of a bow). The middle part is made of aluminum, magnesium, or whatever fancy lightweight material, and the bow arms bolt onto it, along with all the counterweights and other stuff. I looked at using sections of skis as leaf springs for the front wheels on a recumbent trike.
It isn’t THAT hard to make a decent bow out of lumber from a local home store, but this is a neat trick. Precisely the inverse of early Medieval Europe, where leather was relatively cheap but quality metal was quite dear. I don’t know that pine from the local hardware store is really suitable for making a bow. Pine is indeed terrible, but my big block store stocks a variety of woods, a couple of which could be laminated together to get it right enough.

A longer bow allows for more brace height than a short one because you can bend long limbs more without reaching the breaking point (that is if limb material is identical). This may be a little difficult for newest of woodworkers, but for those that passed high-school shop class with a B average this shouldn't be to hard. Use a soft cloth or mechanic paper towel and rub a decent amount of the shoe polish over the scratches on the vehicle. Need more cheap, effective, or heavy duty storage space that can be removed without a trace at the end of the year? EMT is cheap, smaller sizes are bendable and it is readily available at local home supply stores.
Why should I pay almost $10 for a small piece of rubber and a handle?Well, I can make one with several sticks of Hot-Glue!In my experiments, A Rubber Mallet is even BETTER than a Wooden Mallet for Chisel-work. In early September 2010 the instrument cluster (speedometer, tachometer, temperature gauge, fuel gauge, and various warning lights) stopped lighting up and registering data immediately when I start the engine.
However, a few problems arose creating it such as the overheat, the weight and the decay due to external factors like the weather conditions. It's fun to take them apart, but not when you have to literally saw through the plastic, like I used to. I have been seeing these lamps all over the place as of late, and I simply love them, so I decided to make one for myself.
In this instructable I will show how you can build a simple toy airplane, with spinning propellor!
The last picture shows 95% of the handle tools used to make this toolbox, will they all fit into the toolbox?
Taping is a precaution that can protect your rifle from splintering or cracking from falls on hard surfaces. If you do use plywood for your beer caddy you may find that cross cutting the plywood on the table saw or bandsaw leads to tear out. Giaco is a very talented maker and filmmaker whose projects I've been following for quite a while now. It features a very simple design where the wood is really in focus and has a remote control that attaches to the back of the lamp. He asked for a couple boxes to sit on the guest sign in table, one to hold a bottle of wine and the other would hold notes from friends and family attending the wedding. Archery checks the weight oi a finished laminated recurve bow with spring scale and graduated base board.
Firstly, we decomposed the microwave oven and took its transformer and the fan that cools it. If you pass your hand along the freezer door gasket, for example, you'll feel cold air escaping through small gaps.
There are many commercially available sanding blocks, but these sanding blocks can be made quickly from scrap 2x4s and spare dowels. Traditionally you would laminate different types of wood to achieve the flexibility and tension levels desired.
Horse archers used laminated bows of bone, sinew, wood, etc to get the right amount of spring and overrun most of the Eurasian landmass.
If you want you can decorate the coin bank with cardboard, stickers or paintings as you like. I stumbled upon and old chevy while exploring our land with my young sons and so the project began. But I'll let you know all the specs as we go along so in case you want to try this yourself, you won't have to wing it.

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