Since I already mentioned that my kids love to build and tinker, it will come as no surprise that they had a blast building and painting their wooden cars.
Before I get into building our cool balloon race cars, let me just say this kit was a breeze to put together.
Once they had most of the race cars assembled, they took the cars outside to do a quick sanding. Slide the plastic tube into the balloon so that over half of the tubing is inside the balloon and secure with tape.
Hold your finger over the end of the tube until you are ready to let your race car speed away. To enter the competition…you need to leave a comment on this post by midnight (CST) on Monday September 2nd, 2013, telling us why you would like to win or what you would do with your car kit if you did win. My kids will be helping me choose the best answer and that person will win their own Build and Play Kit. You must tell me why you want to win this fun Build and Play Wooden Car Kit or what you would do with it. I will send the winning e-mail address to Craft Project Ideas so that they can arrange the delivery of your Kit. I have been wanting to try to make a Balloon Powered car for awhile now, but I’ve never found the correct car vessel to be able to make it work. I am answering on behalf of Benji who says, “I want one of these cars so I can race it. If I won the cars I would make my husband very happy by handing them off to him so he could do a fun project with our four kids :).

Visit (cool) progeny for a nice photo tutorial on how to make a fun balloon-powered matchbox car.
The extra tube inside the balloon helps to stabilize the balloon, when the air is released. The kids wanted the make sure their custom paint job and stickers were not harmed when the tape was removed. We love creativity, so get your thinking caps on and ask your kids to help come up with your best answer!
You can read more about us or catch up on our favorite experiments, projects + art activities. I am horrible about doing “kits” with my boys, but this looks simple enough that I would actually do it, and the set is just right for our family since we have 3 boys just the right age for this! Some of their favorite projects include a fun Elastic-Band Launcher and a noisy Tin Can Howler.
This made it easy for the kids to paint all the little crevices, especially behind the fenders.
These little race cars turned out to be a fun a simple project that is easy enough to complete in an afternoon. Unfortunately the competition is only open to US residents that are 18 years or older, with a non PO box address (the kit will be shipped via Fed Ex which doesn’t ship to PO boxes). I bet the kids would love dividing into teams, decorating their cars, and racing over and over again!
I think this project just might be the one that could break down a few gender stereotypes around here!

When I was contacted by Craft Project Ideas to review their Made By Me Wooden Cars, my kids were super excited! So we combined our super cool race cars with a little speed from a balloon, creating an awesome DIY race car that your kids will love.
Honestly my kids loved it, but I think I would have been driven batting in just a few moments. We tried using a drinking straw, but since our cars are wooden, the straw did not force out enough air at one time to make our race cars zoom.
Plus, Wild Thing (almost 4) loves building and painting so helping me put the cars together would be something that he would definitely love too, though ours would certainly not look quite as cool as yours!
Then i would save the others for when he is a bit older so that he can enjoy them then also! Just to be clear, we were given this product for an honest review and the best part is…they are also offering one of my lucky readers their own Wooden Car Kit. This might be the easiest competition to enter ever, check out the bottom of the post to find out how!

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