To change things up from my regular posts, I decided to write instructions on how to make a simple catapult. When finished, I found that the best items to launch from this type of catapult was mini marshmallows commonly found for a few dollars at a grocery store. I chose a simple design that would be easy for the boys to follow and would allow plenty of time to launch marshmallows at a target.
Step 2 – Tie another rubber band tightly around the opposite end so all 7 sticks are bound together. Step 4 – Insert the 7 sticks banded together through the 2 stick bundle as shown in the illustration below.
If these instructions helped you in anyway, please leave me a comment or link to this page so others can find these instructions as well. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Jenga, the classic wooden game of skill, luck and balance, where players take turns to prod, poke and pull a block from the stack without toppling it. The jenga pistol was designed in a trial version of Alibre Design, my favoured CAD package. This laser cut Jenga pistol contains a rubber band powered captive bolt which allows you to knock the blocks from the tower at never before seen speed and allowing you to perform feats that'll amaze your friends.
I went through several iterations to get to this stage with various attempts at getting the plunger, trigger and plunger guides correct. This is an Instructable as simple as can be, and with enough detail for anyone to make a Revolver Blowpipe, from PVC tubing, wood, some screws, hot glue, a rubber band or metal spring, and an O-ring.You plug the ammo into the tubes, blow one, pull and twist the Cylinder, blow another, etc.Easy! I've been looking into unique ways of presenting how to make an LED Throwie as part of my research, and this method was just too fun not to share. If you want to watch someone's eyes light up when you give this to them and say "I made this for you!" Follow these instructions and make a gift he or she will remember! Last week my daughter came up to me with a cardboard box she had cut into a couch shape and asked if I would cover it in fabric. You know when you're hosting a party for the we'ans and you want to throw them lads out onto the trampoline for a while? This baby Elephant rocker was made as a present for my nephew.I didn't think about making an instructable of this at first.
Just after Halloween, my 3 year old daughter came to me and announced she wanted to be an astronaut and fly to the moon! This servo motor controlled clapping monkey is one of many moving devices to be found in Christmas Display 2016. I make these fun toys for etsy using the basic building block of human existence known as the 2x4.
This programmable animated elf is the first of many moving devices to be found in Christmas Display 2016. What you need: - 10 pencils - at least 14 rubber bands - strong string - bottle cap - scissors - something to make a hole in the bottle cap Also please remember to vote for me in the office supplies contest. This instructable explains how to dismantle, prepare and fill a gel or ballpoint pen with fountain pen ink. There's so many great versions of this contraption, but this is my favourite one, as it's both simple and stable. For all of us out there that just needs to measure their rocket fuel right now and can't wait. A few years back I was taught how to make a replica of George Hart's 72 pencils sculpture: Here, I've remixed this idea to make a variant sculpture. I've always wanted to make a rubber band ball, but I've never had the time before, which always left the rubber bands tangled and messy in the little bag. One of my friends would always carry around several rubber bands and when I asked him recently, he started rattling off this long list that inspired me to make this instructable.

This is a weapon that can easily be made at work and is meant for firing at boxes or paper. In this project we're taking boring old clothespins, and up-cycling them into powerful matchstick & toothpick shooters, that will stick into apples, and lob firey darts over 20 feet. Hello, this is how I play bloody knucklesIt is a fun way to play with more people and requires either no skill or lots of skill if that makes sense How To Play This version of Bloody Knuckles only requires 1 quarter or nickel.One person spins the coin on a table or any flat surface.
This is my fourth instructable, and I hope you all like it.I have been making these pens for about three years for my friends at school, and they love them. In this is instructable, i am going to show you how to make an easy to use, desktop slingshot. Its a hexapod robot, its only a few millimeters high and its made almost entirely from paper ! This Instructable will show you how to create a small desktop catapult that can be made with a few supplies from around the office. This is one of my favorite origami boxes because it doesn't just rest on a large base like most but instead stands on four little legs.
I got bored one day in school so I took out some pens, scissors, and duct tape and did this in about an hour.
A while back I found instructions for a clever office supply bow and arrow and was inspired. For whatever reason, I got it in my head that I was going to try and make a crossbow out of the office supplies I had handy. This is a simple instructable that tells you how to make a rubber band powered pull back car.
You will need to have: 2 pens 2 rubber bands Scicorrs Tying up Take a rubber band and cut it, then tie each end to one pen Tie up At the other side of the pens make the stay toghether by connecting them witha good rubber band. Using a squashed paperclip, and a tension wrench you can begin learning the art of lock picking! I’m a Den Leader for my local Webelos cub scouts group and we are working on the engineering activity badge.
Many designs (including the one provided in the scout handbook) were fairly complex and would require a long time to built. Originally seen at Woodgears, this version's designed to be cut on a laser cutter and is an upgrade on the acrylic version that I previously made.
While designing it I wanted to keep it as simple to build as possible, with minimal screws and bolts holding it together.
You can open this, click it and then use the controls to rotate it and look around the model. Just that the dxf file didnt import to Techsoft 2D very well so I copied it into Corel and had to add some lines.
Bigger calendars for bigger projects.The intention is to only open one section per day, and put together the project over the course of how ever many days as there are components (in this case, 4). I know I did, so I automated the process using a servo motor to raise and lower the wheel, a ping ultrasonic transducer to detect location and an Arduino to manage the feedback.
Before the world of plastic components like (pvc-foam or depron) we modellers used cardboard, silk paper, sometimes pinewood and perhaps the most important material: balsa wood. It is not just the tractor beam that can be seen in science fiction movies but the effect and still interesting. I made an initial prototype using two large cardboard boxes and then made a sturdier version using some recycled wood. In this video, I'll show you how you can make a cool mini airsoft BB launcher to have fun plinking small targets. When on a rainy day, and outside activities are not possible, just make this easy play dough for your kids, and see how they enjoy it. This jack in the box monkey will be joined by elves, Santa, and unusual toys to perform an electromechanical show.

It's been quite a while since I've uploaded one of these instructable things, eh?I'm planning on getting back into posting here, so hopefully you should be seeing more of these over the next few months and more.In this one, I'm gonna be talking through how I made this spaceship model.
Elmer will be joined by additional elves, Santa, and unusual toys to perform an electromechanical show.
Although not efficient for everyday use, this will probably be a fun-filled activity for pen nerds everywhere. Or if you're like me who can't imagine spending money on a sale you won't use 99.9999% of the time.
Are your boredom levels off the charts?Have 10 minutes to kill until quitting time?Let's ramp up the fun level and make the day seem shorter with this super fun bouncy ball. It now uses 76 pencils, but this time they're arranged as four interpenetrating six-pointed stars rather than hexagons. The assignment required me to build a structure made entirely of toothpicks and able to withstand the weight of one brick.
It is very easy to make and only requires a paper clip, elastic band and pliers to bend the paper clip with. This drawing case would be perfect for kids to have on long road trips and it fits in the glovebox or arm rest.The materials needed for this little project are simple.
So we did the usual at the wedding but being the close friends we are we decided to do something a little extra and cover the front room and kitchen with post it notes.
These pens are much easier to carry around in pockets and wallets, and they look pretty good, too!*Note: All pics were taken by my HTC TyTN. I had thought of doing this awhile back then discovered Lego actually sells a business card holder set, it's pretty cool, but why spend $15 when you can use just a (small) handful of Legos and make your own?
Although it may seem there are a lot of steps, but don't despair each one is very simple and you will be launching paper balls and other desk junk in no time.
THINGS YOU NEED *rubber band *kebab skewer *straw *cardboard *2 old CD's *a toy car *glue,scissors,compass,tape,pen.
They absolutely love decorating them with felt pens, and shooting off anything they think won’t put an eye out.
The trigger was designed so that it was its own spring, I didn't want to have to use a spring or a rubber band like in the acrylic jenga pistol that I made last year.
You may also need some sandpaper.It can be printed with FDM technology and with no support structures.
She spoke with few event managers for arranging few games for kids during the partyCurrently, one of the popular party games is Wire Loop Game. But here is a great DIY for KIDS!!!This DIY came across me when I was playing about with some crafty things, it is a cheap way to make little toys.Enjoy!;D What Will I Need? When you close a deal or secure a new client the person who closed the sale rings the bell or hits the gong. Make your own mini grappling hook out of everyday office and household supplies, then let let loose on a top secret mission from Her Majesty's Secret Service. This catapult can be used as a craft idea for kids on a slow weekend or it can be used as a school project. After following these instructions, it only took the scouts about 10 minutes to complete everything and start participating in trying out their new catapult. The joints holding the pistol together are all interference fit, designed to either fit together tightly with no modification or after a very light sanding. Clothespin release was the easiest way to go but I at least wanted the trigger to be in the correct location, not on top like most rubber band guns.

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