Perhaps an old Viking would have a hard time recognizing this as his own ship, but all of the elements of the ship are here: striped sail, flat hull, oars, colorful shields, and the all-seeing eye. The hulls can be made cheaply by buying balsa in chunk form, and cutting mass-production style on a bandsaw. While the hull is drying, paint the shields, which are made beforehand by punching out circles from thin sheet cork. Wooden ships are some of the most detailed and visually compelling pieces of decor in a home. Putting together a wooden ship requires a number of supplies, many of which builders can find in a ship modeler tool set.
The most authentic wooden ships are not often painted; however, hobby paint is a great tool for detailing deck components and figurines.
For many first timers, working with a model ship kit is the easiest way to build a wooden ship. Quality model kits have detailed instructions that simplify and organize the assembly process. Double planking is ideal for those new to building a wooden ship, as it allows for errors on the first layer of planking that the second layer can cover.
Given their small scale, components such as deck furniture can be some of the most difficult pieces to assemble on a wood ship. If you are a model builder in search of kits and hobby supplies, you can find what you need from the vast inventory available from reliable sellers on eBay. My son and I started reading very short non-fiction stories from GenZ Read Together, a website that makes reading together an entertaining educational experience. We also learned from the story that Spanish galleons followed a specific path as it picked up treasure and returned to Spain.
To extend The Atocha story at home, I found a pirate ship craft and two books (a picture book and a chapter book) for kids who like pirates and treasure hunting. Young Jeremy Jacob demonstrates how easy it is to be a successful pirate in this fun and funny picture book. I will be giving away 3 Summer Reading Packages of 20 stories worth $4.99 to 3 lucky winners! I am an Amazon Affiliate which means I earn a small commission at no charge to you if you buy anything at Amazon through my blog. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the post and will try out some of the ideas with your boys! I think The Atocha was one of the first GenZ stories I read with my son and then he got totally hooked on the stories.
I love that your kids are finding books on convincing parents to let them buy a pet hamster!

My girls have enjoyed reading about historical figures, but they don’t read a lot of non fiction, so this would be a good way to help them branch out a bit more from their favorite fiction writers. The toothpicks stick easily into the soft balsa, but if preferred, punch starting holes with an awl first. Make a starting hole in the deck with an awl, put glue on the end of the stick, and push into place. Making a model ship is a great hobby and way to spend free time, involving detailed and absorbing work. Essential hobby tools include a razor saw, a swivel head pin vise and drills, plastic clamps to hold pieces in place while drying, a nail gun, and a plank bender. Additionally, wood finishes and veneers used for furniture can work well in finishing the main wooden parts of the ship.
These kits provide detailed plans and instructions, along with many of the key components needed to construct the ship. Builders should read the provided plans before starting to make sure each step flows logically into the next.
One of the best techniques for assembling deck pieces is to use graph paper to square the components when combining them together with hobby glue, which helps to ensure square angles and lines. I’ve included a picture book and a chapter book perfect for pirates or treasure hunters. He joins the pirate ship of Captain Braid Beard and his crew but finds that pirate life, while fun, lacks the charms of home.
This easy chapter book has a larger font with text broken up with plenty of  full page illustrations and informative sidebars. We have not graduated to pirates just yet, except, of course, for their grandfather’s book, Captain Crossbones in the Treasure Hunt. Each of us on the blog tour are giving away 3 subscriptions so there will be 15 winners in all! Right now they have a variety of books about animals (including one on how to convince your parents that you’re ready for a pet hamster), books about various presidents, and one book on costume design! They sound like they love a variety of non fiction and that is exactly what the site is all about. My kids too tend to read more fiction so it’s been a wonderful experience to read the best non fiction stories fed to us via email. It is also useful to have a small electric drill on hand that is sized to work with small bits.
While a model kit might supply the wood, if modelers need to source their own, they can turn to boxwood for frame and keel components. When building a historical ship, using structured plans and images for reference can help clarify the process. This book would appeal to boys who like facts mixed with a not-to0-scary mystery adventure.

The Vikings put eyes on the prows of their ships in the belief that the eye would make the ship see its way, and they would not get lost (something went wrong on the voyage to America).
Put a dab of glue on the back of each shield, and fasten to the hull temporarily with a straight pin.
Some say this had religious or magical significance, and others that the colors were used because these were the ones the Vikings knew how to make best. The steering oar is pushed up through the back of the hull, with the thin end poking out for a tiller effect.
By sourcing supplies on eBay, hobbyists can quickly find what they need for this type of craft project. Finally, model builders need specialized wood to put together the frame and planks of a model wood ship.
Anything from Virginia holly to Swiss Pear to ebony can serve as the planking of a wooden ship. Looking for a model with double planking is also helpful, as it is often easier to fix mistakes. We had traveled to Barcelona two years ago, so I found a map to show him it was in Spain and south of Barcelona. At any rate, the stripes were there, since their cloth was woven in narrow widths, and even today it is recognized that sails are stronger if made in this fashion. The idea is to have the parent read to the child and there are discussion questions that are interesting for each story. It was also fun to realize that the Florida Keys wasn’t always the swanky place it is today. GenZ also sneaks in two vocab and a reading comprehension question that Dylan can earn points called Zoints for answering. Still, if I had to live somewhere during the Great Depression, the Florida Keys sounded pretty nice!
Usually, the video takes the story a little deeper, or illustrates the story, or is just plain funny. For the invention of velcro story, the video was David Letterman’s famous Velcro Suit! We also got a lot of mileage out of telling him to brush his teeth or they would end up green like a pirate’s!

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