We in Koh make our Old Fashioned with a twist by using our Kilbeggan Irish whiskey with orange peel and substituting the sugar and water with two teaspoons of maple syrup.
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But enough with the philosophic thoughts and back to the business of fruit leather making – the old fashioned style. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. June 28, 2013 By Dani 5 Comments My South African friend Erna introduced me to the best thing I ever ate. Once upon a time, potato salad recipes were as numerous as church picnics and school graduations. Boil a pot of water and cook your cubed potatoes for about ten minutes (or until tender, depending on the variety). To serve, slice another egg to garnish your salad and sprinkle with fresh parsley (or the traditional paprika). You can add anything from your garden that's in season--cucumbers, sliced carrots, radishes.
The prohibition about taking mayonnaise outside in the summer has come into some question recently.
The ingredients are stirred in a mixing glass with ice and then strained over fresh cubed ice. Old fashioned for the most part means that we will get the fruit pulp dry in the hot sun for 1-2 days, no oven required.

At &cute she combines her cravings for tasty and cute food, with her passion for design. Although we have more cooks today, we've unfortunately narrowed the number of potato salad recipes to two or three--however many there are in the deli case. When they are tender, drain and rinse with cool water to stop them from cooking any further. As you can see from the few options listed here, you can adapt your recipe and make it your own.
Using what's in season or at hand is what makes it old-fashioned--and a little bit different every time.
The generic recipe for these cocktails was one teaspoon of sugar, one teaspoon of water, 2 dashes of Angostura bitters and 60 mls of a spirit of choice (which at the time was gin, cognac or rye whiskey), decorated with an orange or lemon peel. We find that by making these changes, infusing our whiskey and adding the maple syrup, that we are adding an extra layer to the already great Old Fashioned cocktail.
Of course you cannot get it in Germany, neither in the US, they are abundant around Cape Town though – Guava Fruit Roll Ups. This means that we will be building a high tech make shift contraption to let it sun dry bug free. American potato salad has taken a bad rap in recent years as a high calorie, high fat food. You're well advised to take only as much potato salad as you'll need, serve it just as everyone starts to eat and keep it out of the sun.
It involves good weather (sorry Europe), rocks, cans and mosquito netting – are you smirking yet?

This will keep ants and other bugs away. Let your fruit spread dry in the sun for up to 2 days until it is dry to the touch. That's only true when you limit your experience to those bland, fatty concoctions in the deli.
You need a firm potato because, although you won't peel them, you will scrub them well and cube them before you cook them. If you do 2 days like I did, take it inside over night to avoid condensation moisture. Cut the dried fruit leather into strips using a pizza cutter and sprinkle with sugar. Make your own, using the freshest ingredients you can find and you'll never buy it in the deli again. Chop the onion (red or Texas sweets can also be used, just don't use any of those nasty strong onions) and slice the celery.
Using your off-set spatula again scrape the leather off the board (thicker areas will go easier, very thin areas will go harder or break, but that's ok, it's handmade!). Roll up the fruit leather if you like, or leave as a sheet.
The language used and the methods and ingredients described really reflect on the time and give a glimpse into daily life back in the days – I usually think it must have been better back in the days – but really they were cooking over actual fire, so how much easier could it have been?

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