To improve buoyancy, Alexander made another version with aluminum foil, and is making several copies in case one has trouble in tomorrow’s race. How cool that we have access to YouTube from home (it’s not blocked like it is at school) so Alexander could readily learn a new Origami design! Did you know Wes has published several eBooks and "eBook singles?" 1 of them is available free!

If you're trying to listen to a podcast episode and it's not working, check this status page. The LatestWhy Connected Camps ROCKS for Minecraft After SchoolOur daughter Rachel is an avid Minecraft player.
Students must be able to blow their boat to race it, like Cub Scouts do in their Raingutter regatta events.

He’s very handy with Origami already, having been tutored in the art by one of our Lubbock friends last year.

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