Well, I can get this on top of the car by myself, but it works a lot better when Matthew or my girlfriend helps me.
We let the paint dry in the summer air for a day or two, and then Matthew and I decided we would take it on its maiden voyage to a nearby lake in the Columbia River Gorge near Portland, Oregon. This boat is meant for protected waterways, which means hardly any waves or wake, and no a lot of heavy current, so this little lake (some might call it a big pond) would be a fairly safe place in case it sprung a leak.

We placed it in the lake, and anxiously looked inside to see if any spouts of water were welling up.  Nothing. I let Matthew get in first.  No water, and the boat seemed remarkably stable for such a small craft. I also made sure we both had PFDs (or, personal flotation devices) in the form of life vests.

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