Figure 2: Note the color variation between these different types of clear satin sheen finishes when applied to identical planks of our select grade White Oak.
Figure 3: Rift and quartersawn White Oak wide plank floor with random plank widths from 5 to 12 inches.
Compare the look of the random width floor boards in Figure 3 above to the floor shown in Figure 4, below, which features plainsawn White Oak floor planks that are each 10 inches wide. Figure 4: Select grade plainsawn White Oak wide plank flooring, all 10 inch wide planks, with a satin sheen poly finish. Water based poly finishes provide more of a clear coat that highlights the floor’s natural color. It could give it a yellowish cast over time, so you probably want to stick with a water based poly if using a grey stain over White Oak. Doing perfect make up is an art which cannot be mastered without knowing all about the, make up brushes. This brush is also known as Lash Joiner and the shovel of this brush is thin and flat from the front. Usually we are into the habit of applying lipstick directly from the product, but this brush is used by makeup experts to apply lipstick on your lips. Just like make up, the makeup brushes too need special care and if they are well maintained and are of good quality they will give you real good results on your face.
Generally the shovel of the makeup brushes is attached to the handle with glue only, so do not leave them in water for a long time, otherwise the shovel might come off the handle. Never keep the makeup brush upside down, with the shovel touching the surface, this will de-shape the brush.

If you want proper hygiene in the brushes then after cleaning them with a mild shampoo you can dip them for a while in dettol or any other antiseptic. After cleaning the brush keep them on a tissue paper or a muslin cloth, this way the paint of the handle will not go off and they will appear new. If you are cleaning the air brush, then always remember that if you have used water based colour for makeup then fill water in the chamber and press the push button, this will clean the air brush completely. From the left: Bona Mega Waterborne satin finish, Lenmar polyurethane oil-based satin finish, Sutherland Welles tung oil satin finish, and Waterlox tung oil satin finish.
You must have noticed while getting the makeup done that the makeup artist uses different kinds of brushes to enhance your beauty. If you are aware of , that which brush is used for what  on the face then definitely you know how to do the perfect make up , but if you do not know then do not worry we will tell you about each and every brush in your make up kit and how it is used.
While doing make up this brush is used for applying foundation or creating a base for make up on your face.
The work of this brush is to make the eye shadow even on the eyes, so that it does not give an imperfect look. If the lipstick is applied by the lipstick brush, it spreads evenly and helps in giving the perfect shape to your lips too.
Suing this brush helps in applying the lipstick in right manner and it does not spread out of your lips also. There is a speciality about Kabuki brush by which you can identify it from all the other make up brushes and that is its shape. If you have used silken based colour for make up, then you will have to clean it with air brush cleaner.

In some cases, such as an apartment in a high rise that doesn’t allow on-site wood finishing, this question may already be answered for you. Rather you can say that make up is just like painting where you paint your face with beautiful and colourful cosmetics to give it a nice and attractive look. The back end of the brush is small just like a shaving brush and the shovel is quite dense and round in shape. It helps in making various designs of bindi on the forehead with different colour combinations. It is used to remove the extra cosmetics and face powder from the face after the whole make up is done. There is a colour chamber in this brush, where the colour is filled and by using a push button the colour is sprayed on the whole face. The blusher brush is dense and round in order to mix the blusher in even form on the face, so that it does not give a chapped look. You can leave your floor unfinished if you like, but it will quickly develop wear marks so make sure you are comfortable with this patina. Some people prefer the look of a site-finished floor because it has a snug, square edge with no bevel, compared to a prefinished floor, which will have a slight microbeveled edge on the sides of the planks.

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