TweetWe have been around inflatable boats for many years now and although the boat accident rate in traditional boats seems to rise every year it is very seldom you hear of an accident in an inflatable boat. Also the materials used in making an inflatable boat have improved considerably over the years and are as tough as they can make them. Now is the time to buy your inflatable boat to save money and get them while the dollar is strong. I intend to fit a small motor to the boat but would want to purchase this locally in order to get the backup and service support. NightSailor: how fast is it with two people and a 15hp on flat water, WOT?A  What is the speed with a 20 HP w.

Make Inflatables Products Ltd was established in 1995, Our plant is located in Dong Guan city, Guang Dong province, China. This is because inflatable boats are constructed in a different format  than traditional aluminium, wooden  and fibreglass boats. We put this down to the fact that inflatable boats are now made with air filled multiple sections in the hull, which means if you have the misfortune to hit a rock the hull is only damaged in the section that has the impact, which means you will stay afloat and you will possibly be able to come back into port safely depending on where you are. Below is a photo showing the robust PVC coated material that is used for making our Ocean Inflatables. The seams are manually welded to ensure accuracy and integrity on every Ocean inflatable boat.

We are a professional factory of inflatable products, We have 500 employees and around 15,000 square-meter working space.
You can out it in the boot or on the roof rack and when you arrive at your destination you can be up and running in just 10 minutes. It allows the boat to plane with more people on board, and will have slightly higher top end.

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