I will say this much concerning wood fireplaces; if you live in a place where you can get away with burning wood, then by all means get a wood stove. One important thing about wood burning stoves is that you can still have heat when the power goes out. Money can be saved when heating with firewood or pellets, but there is maintenance to keep your your stove and chimney efficient, safe and clean. Optimize the heat efficiency of your wood burning fireplace with the Majestic Windsor Wood Burning Fireplace Insert. Most stoves like these have fans to help disperse the heat, but they can still be effective, even life-saving, without the fan if the power in your neighborhood goes out.If you live in a cold climate, you should probably have a good backup heating system that doesn't need electricity. Designed to create a closed combustion system, this fireplace insert creates a closed combustion system to help prevent the loss of heat and then uses a blower to create a constant flow of warm air.
Able to burn up to eight hours, and able to heat up to 1500 square feet, your home will stay warm all day long.
I've read the manufacturer web sites for Avalon, Vermont Castings, Lopi, BlazeKing, Country, and of course they make their brand sound like the best on the market.

Crafted from steel which extends to the faceplate, this insert is designed to create a seamless, built-in look so you can not only enjoy the warmth of your fire, but also the beauty of your fireplace. My house is all on one level, about 2000 square feet, and a wood stove is my sole source of heat.
I want it to have a long enough burn time that I can load it at night and still have embers in the morning to get it going again.
With a vast array of products and styles, including wood, electric, modern, and traditional, Majestic has something for every taste and decor. Majestic products are built to last, offering a quality construction and innovative design structure that has made them a premier choice for homes across North America and beyond. Remove the trivet ahead of time if you know you'll need boiling water for pasta, or just transfer the hot water into a pot on the stove for a huge head start.
Use the hot water for dishwashing, handwashing or even taking a sponge bath to reduce water use. All of these uses eliminate the need to run gallons of cold water down the drain waiting for hot water to reach your tap from the water heater.

Using square unistrut, I created three parallel andirons to lay across the bottom of the wood stove. One bolt of wood (quarter or half round) goes against the back of the stove against the fire brick. As with all wood burning appliances, experiment to make sure you don't over fire (put a stack thermostat on the side of the stove to monitor). Use your handy gardening scoop trowel to refill the basket, the log in the back easily ignites the next batch of pellets.
My parents have a wood stove and it is getting hard for them to have to haul firewood in from the yard everyday (heavy, messy, etc.).

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