The Big Explorer has tinkered with simple origami before and was able to successfully create his own paper boat after just one failed attempt. After folding his first boat, The Big Explorer got all fancy and decided to make boats out of different types of paper – regular, cardstock, newspaper and aluminum foil (which failed miserably).
Although I thought some paint or coloring on said boats might make for a nice touch, The Explorers would have none of it.
Science enthusiast that he is, The Big Explorer decided to time how long each of the boats stayed afloat (or didn’t). There are tons of ideas for making and floating boats out there, many incorporating natural elements.
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Anyone who is inspired by Curious George has to be a friend…and inspiration to my family! Like many adults, you probably remember the children’s picture book story of Curious George*, the good little monkey who lived with his friend –– the man with the yellow hat. Launch the boats at the starter’s signal by letting go of the straw and allowing the air to escape. The Little Explorer’s recent obsession with the book “The Boat Show,” and The Big Explorer’s love of all things science were the perfect combination. Alison Osinski was named by Aquatics International to the Power 25 – the 25 most influential people in aquatics in the past 25 years.
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When we spotted instructions for making your own paper boat at the back of the book, we all knew we had to try it. Thoughts of covering it with some crayon will make it waterproof so we can just concentrate on how long it would stay afloat. Little Mister sank his ships within minutes… but I presume older kidlets could have oodles of fun floating them in the kitchen sink!

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