Building your own rowboat will save you money because all you’ll need to buy is a few materials at your local home improvement store.
Even if you’ve never built a boat before, these easy to follow steps makes this project simple and fast. If you enjoy boating and you’ve always wanted to own a sailboat, you can easily make one yourself.
Follow this simple guide to learn how you can make an inexpensive sail for your existing rowboat, kayak, or aluminum fishing boat. Not only are the cardboard canoes fun to use for pretend small world play, my kids have also just loved loading random things in them and using them to fly all sorts of little objects all around the house. We'll be sharing Olympic themed activities this week as part of Toddler Approved's Camp Mom series in addition to a few other posts!

Make sure to stop by at the end of the week and link up your Olympic posts (or anything else you've been up to) in our Kid's Co-op Linky!
Choose one of the categories below, click on a boat for the listing of items available plus more info and photos. You can add your own personal touch and style to your rowboat and paint it any color you wish. By attaching a sail to your boat, you can enjoy the hobby of sailing without having to purchase a sailboat. Grab your favorite action figures (we love the Lego girls), stick them in the boat, and help them race around your house! We have the Olympics on from 8pm to midnight every night and tune in while we are working on stuff.

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