But the folks over at DIY Surf Gear are offering some great instruction on how to make your own wooden SUP paddle, and this is as simple and high quality as someone with little to zero woodworking or gear construction could ask for. Check out the DIY Surf Gear page for more information and decide for yourself if this is a project you’re up for. Need some more inspiration? Watch the below video from the guys at SIC paddleboards in Maui. This is quite a leap from entry-level DIY stand up paddle construction, but it is definitely motivational footage for the rest of us. Making a Valentines Day Pinwheel Sweet Candy Gift Box Craft for Kids - We will show you today how to make a complex looking, but very easy to do, Valentine’s Day Candy Gift box with sweets or candies.
Christmas Elf Gift Boxes - Make these Christmas Elf Gift Boxes for Christmas Gift Packaging from a recycled milk carton.
Make Christmas Reindeer Gift Boxes - Make these Christmas Gift Boxes from Old Milk Cartons with the following template. Christmas gift Boxes - This festive Christmas gift box will brighten up someone's Christmas day. Gift a Heartwarming Box of Pink Roses - Learn how to make this beautiful heartwarming pink roses gift box.
Gift Boxes - This tutorial shows children how they can make cute gift boxes out of inexpensive greeting cards. Gift Box for CD’s - Learn how to make a gift box that is the perfect size for a CD or DVD. Gift Box Tutorials - Create your own gift box using the printable template and the given instructions.
Box for Valentine's Cards - Put all your special Valentine's cards in this adorable mouse box. Box Crafts - Learn how to make a gift box using your printer, paper, scissors, glue and crayons.

Heart Gift Boxes - Follow this tutorial and learn how to make your Valentine's the best heart gift box. Design Christmas Boxes - Print this box template and follow the instructions to make a Santa Claus design gift box. Design Christmas Boxes - Print this box template and follow the instructions to make a snowman design gift box.
Snowman Treat Boxes - Martha Stewart shows you how to make sparkling snowman treat gift boxes.
Day Chocolate Boxes Paper Crafts - This is a simple and fun Valentine's Day chocolate box craft for children of all ages. Fold the trees in half, just barely creasing the center line (this is to mark the center of the tree). Cut a slit along the bottom half of the center of one tree and along the top half of the center of the other tree. Using clear tape, tape the bottoms and tops together (pieces of tape on the bottom and at the top make the tree stand up well and stop the slit ends from flopping over). For a bigger tree: Start with two pieces of green construction paper, and fold them so they make a long, thin rectangle.
I thought I would post a few of the graduation photos I have been culling through and editing.  Can’t believe I took almost 800 photos that day! Nonetheless after numerous tries, I have cobbled together a fix for anyone wanting to use, in this case Slimbox2, with XML Google Maps and NextGEN galleries to display your photos on a map. Now we are going to add the following lines after the statement and before the statement. This is a 10 step method to create  a paddle with strong, solid characteristics and an angled blade.

It shows the dedication and craftsmanship that goes into designing, building and riding downwind SUPs. In other words, wouldn’t you love to have an IKEA standing desk in your home so you can better concentrate on the task at hand, burn calories and maintain a nice posture at the same time? Basically just print out a color template or a black and white template (if you want to color them in yourself). As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with print-friendly pages.Click here to learn more. Javascript has issues in dealing with contents in and out of iframes.  Why Google uses iframes since they have been depreciated by the W3C, but I am sure they have a reason.
If you want to make them sturdier, you can glue the print out to cereal box cardboard first, but it isn't necessary to do this.
You can add storage to the desk, maybe a shelf underneath for the printer or one for documents and other supplies.
Just look how simple and straight-forward this standing desk is and how neatly it hides everything.
For example, this standing desk is a combination between a tabletop from IKEA and a mid-century modern credenza the owner already had in the house.
The red shelf also makes it pop a little and it’s a nice way of customizing the design.

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