I agree to Shutterstock's Website Terms, Privacy Policy, Licensing Terms and to receive emails that I can opt out of at any time. All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time. This rare little ? ton survived its 75 years mostly because it stayed with one family; it probably never ventured beyond the city limits, and was used mostly by a mechanic that lived in an area of dry air that discouraged metal rust. Of course after all those years as a shop truck and many more sitting in the daughters garage, it was in need of so much more than a surface cleanup. The real creation was keeping the new dual chambered master cylinder under the floor between the original clutch and brake pedals.  Most people give up here on 1936-46 brake modifications and attach swing pedals to the firewall. Just when you think they were all gone, up comes a real Canopy Express of the 1939-46 body design. My love of the 36 pickup goes back to 1948 when I was four and my dad (just home from the Navy and WW2) was working as a tenant farmer in east central Illinois. At that time I lived in Terre Haute, Indiana and had a concrete block company and an excavating business.
In 2005 I contracted with a small paint and body shop to start painting the sheet metal and body parts. We also want to thank Jim Carter’s Old Chevy Trucks for helping us with several technical questions we had in the reassembly. Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections.
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For the trucks first two years, it was driven by Virginia Swaim to high school each day in Prescott, Arizona.  After graduation her father used it as a shop truck in his auto repair business until he retired. Removed from a 4 x 4 S-10 pickup, it matches the original 6 bolt wheel pattern and the distance between the rear wheels is just right for this 1936 ? ton.
This as well as wood spokes had been a standard with most cars and light trucks since the beginning at the turn of the century.
It was running but had a big crack in the block, so to drive it I had to carry a bucket of water with me.
The owner of the farm had a 1936 Chevy pickup which my dad was allowed to drive back and forth from our house to the main farm. The economy was much better there and by 1988 I started an auto detail and wreck recovery business. There were some real challenges to return a fairly rough and rugged bed, cab, fenders, doors, hood, etc. It is not in very good shape and I want to be clear that this is not a good playable bassoon.
Down at the bottom of the bassoon on the cap it is engraved ''Germany USSR Occupied'', so I figure it dates to sometime shortly after WWII. It is a repair project, a wall hanger, a lamp, anything you want, but don't buy it an then complain it doesn't play. If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription. Virginia sold it to Pat several years after he discovered it by accident as he drove by the garage door that was open for a few minutes.
His goal was to have his 1936 look bone stock on the outside with a change to most of the running gears that only the more knowledgeable truck person would recognize.

Pat only moved the axle saddles slightly to the side and the original 1 ?  wide rear leaf springs connected perfectly! New brake lines were installed, king pins, bushings, spring pins; any part worn was replaced. I thank our crew, Chuck (manager), Whit (mechanic) and Steven (painter) for doing a super job getting our beautiful ’36 in show condition. The original 216 engine, 4 speed transmission,  and closed driveshaft rear end, makes it perform just like GM designed. This is a project horn for either a really good bassoon repair technician who thinks it could be made into a playable instrument or maybe somebody who is studying bassoon repair and needs a cheap horn to practice on.
After six years and a gazillion dollars, I have a truck that tops out at 50 miles per hour. A box of so many receipts; from tires, gasoline, batteries, radiator hoses, and any other little repairs that needed during so many years. The 4 speed was replaced with a Chevy car full synchronized floor shift 4 speed from the 1960’s. The picture of when he found his truck, six years ago, shows it disassembled but its solid cab had great potential.
Colin says he still found two other pickups to use as parts donors.  We might say three made one!

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