This thread is privately moderated by 98 SNAKE EATER, who may elect to delete unwanted replies. This thing is HUGE and I will not ship it to Nigeria or anywhere else, so don't bother asking!! Im only 12 years old, but an intermediate modeler looking for a scale tug built and almost RTR. This 45" High Speed RC Speedboat model is huge and powered by 3X550 Racing Motors, with a water cooling system that easily pushes out enormous torque and thrust.

I have a very similar tow boat that I am currently building that I got on E-bay years ago, I wish I knew who the Manufacturer was but like I said It is almost Identical to yours. The reason I like your ship is that it is in great condition, I love your price, and it looks from what you have shown well built, painted, and maintained.
Once you open this package you will be amazed by the size and the quality for the low price. Boat looks better in person than in pictures, the contrast between the yellow and black is really cool.

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