Based only on knowledge of boats I have sailed in I would add the Pandora and the Corribee to the list (you didn't mention headroom in your list of important factors!). Oh yes, as Webcraft says, the Hurley as well - the 22 also looks just like a sailing yacht should look. It seems to me there is a huge difference in the nature, weight and cost of 20ft to a 24 ft boat. To find what suits you will often take many changes of boat (expensive) so choose slowly and carefully.

The old Seawych is a good example at the bottom of the scale, very seaworthy and more comfrtable thanit.e size would make you think, at the upper end the Maxi 77 is also a good sea boat and has almost 6 foot headroom just below the hatch. Basically there are a lot of good boats in the range, you really need to look at some to get a feal for what suits you.
I love my little boat (after 27 years) but often wonder if my sailing style (preferences) have been dictated by the boat style or whether my sailing preferences are best suited by the boat I have. The heavier boat will deal with heavy seas especially on the nose while a light boat will show a real turn of speed in calm water and especially in light winds.

Mine sits at the bottom extreme of light 950Kg with lifting keel 21ft but has just won again the prize for most fastest times over some 25 races for the season.

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