The following "toy grade" flying boats are geared towards people who aren't necessarily RC pilots.
RC Planes Radio Control Remote Controlled Airplanes Plus Remote Control Plane Parts In Stock Today. He designed the original version and I believe these are his design in the video to the right.
They're much more affordable and require less skills to fly but don't perform quite as well as "hobby grade" flying boats like the one above. Gas RC Planes, Nitro RC Planes, Nitro Methane RC Planes, And .RC Hydrofoam HydroFlyers in stock now.

Flying Power Boats also known as hydro foam or hydro float are unique new radio controlled machines.
Not only can this RC boat fly, it can also run on grass and hard surfaces such as asphalt or concrete!
Just because they're not "hobby grade" doesn't mean they can't be a lot of fun for adults and kids!
A lot of times you can get really good prices on eBay, but always remember to check the shipping costs before placing a bid. The shipping cost for some of the larger Hydrofoam flying boats on eBay are a bit high, so be careful to take that into consideration when placing a bid.

It’s a blast watching the reactions to what looks like a boat to the casual observer suddenly .

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