Did you know that virtually ALL inflatable boat repair facilities use interior sealants for slow leaks and porosity?
Toobseal® Inflatable Boat Interior Sealer stops slow seam leaks and porosity using an extraordinary latex based formula. The special Toobseal® formula allows for future deflation of your inflatable without the fabric self adhering and making re-inflation nearly hopeless.
This repair kit gives you what you need to make field repairs on your AIRE inflatable raft, cataraft or IK.
All you need for fixing punctures, tears, zipper problems and other repair issues when you're out with your AIRE boat. For tears in the outer PVC skin, there's needle and thread for stitching the sides together. All these items are contained in a 5L water-resistant dry bag, with a fold-down closure and clear window for easily spotting the item you need.
Our highly trained technitians are capable of completing the most challenging and intricate repairs in the industry.

Just some of our clients include: United States Navy, Region Southwest, United States Coast Guard, Military Sealift Command, Dennis Connors Sports, San Diego Harbor Police, San Diego Maritime Museum, Vessel Assist San Diego, Sea Tow San Diego, The San Diego Zoo, West Marine Inc. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. Toobseal® is for use with both Hypalon® and PVC inflatable boats, whitewater rafts, and towables. This is why Toobseal® is recommended by AB Inflatables USA and has been used by boaters and boat service facilities since 1996. If you can visually see where the seam is separated, the leak is too large for ToobSeal® to work. Inflate the boat and apply the soapy water solution around the valve and look for constant bubbling in a specific area.
When you get home you can either glue on an inner patch, or send it to AIRE for a welded repair. Answer this question1 answer A: Nathan, there is a lot of stuff in this kit that you don't need.

Low cost repair kit for emergency repairs to all makes of Rib's and dinghies made from Hypalon.
Our exclusive ToobSeal® formula has been used by boaters and repair professionals since 1996. Our safe and easy to use sealer adheres to the interior fabric of the tube, sealing slow leaks and prevents potential leaks from arising.
Then generously apply the silicone caulk all over the inside and outside of the drain hole.

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