Are you nervous about doing an inflatable boat repair job and wonder if your boat or kayak will still be seaworthy with a patched air chamber? Learn easy skills for repairing inflatable boats on at 12pm, May 22, 2013 at the Northwest Maritime Center. Stewart Pugh will teaching a class on the basics of inflatable boat repair and maintenance. Inflatable boats are the mainstay of rescue vessels and almost mandatory for safe river rafting. Repair of an inflatable boat is easy, but a solid starting point of technique and material is required. Stewart Pugh has worked on all types of marine motors for 45 years and the last 12 years has maintained the fleet of small outboards used by the Northwest Maritime Center and Schooner Adventuress. We need to get this back on the water as soon as possible, so any help you can give us would be appreciated. Joe, you’d be best served by calling the Northwest Maritime Center at (360) 385-3628. Repair and maintenance of new, used inflatable boats and RIB's, all brands of inflatable boats.
Most boats are sold with a small inflatable boat repair kit (swatches of material and a tube of glue) for just such emergencies.

The best on the market is Tuff Coat, a UV-resistant synthetic rubber coating (SRC) that can be used for inflatable boat repair on kayaks, fishing pontoons, tenders, runabouts, and RIBs. Attendees will come away with a basic understanding of the different types of boat fabric and how to perform simple patches and repairs. They have advanced from the once simple canvas tubes covered with vulcanized rubber to modern synthetic rubber and plastic coated over modern fabrics. Almost all commercial vessels now carry inflatable boats in the form of emergency life-rafts and emergency rescue boats. He has a Port Townsend boat shop that repairs small outboards, inflatable boats and builds underwater robots.
Glue work on rubber dinghies are carried out in a special climate-controlled room, because only with proper ambient temperature and humidity, the adhesive can cure properly. This repair kit includes everything that you need in order to repair your inflatable's, if it happens to get a punctured, while you are out at the beach, lake, or just about anywhere else. You select a glue repair kit depending on the type of hull material your boat has a€” either Hypalon or PVC. He will discuss the different configurations of inflatable boats and how they are best used. It is also important to know when a repair should not be done or when the boat is at the end of its life.

You get multiple patches that you can easily cut with a pair of scissors, in case you need a smaller piece. The glue has a unique chemical bonding agent that vulcanizes the two surfaces together, making the patched area as strong as or stronger than the rest of the hull. Clam Seal Instant Boat Repair - Works on Tears Above and Below Waterline Large rips (one inch or bigger), or a puncture near a seam, should be repaired by a professional who will use interior and exterior patches. There are two highly recommended products to keep on hand for periodic inflatable boat maintenance.
If there is a leakage problem due to a seam failure, or any type of defect in fabric or construction, and the boat is still under warranty, it is best to return the inflatable (without floorboards and accessories) to the manufacturer. The first is 303 protectant spray, a water-based polymer formula that helps to screen out harmful Ultraviolet rays. The second is a marine cleaner that is formulated to remove stains including oil, dirt, mud, fish guts, and many others.
Keep the fun going, while on the water with this Advanced Elements Inflatable Boat Repair Kit. Left in the open without a boat cover, the material on the inflated air chambers will lose color, fade, and deteriorate from the effects of UV radiation.

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