With elegant European styling and a sporty wide-body frame, the Generation is sure to exceed your expectations in both form and function.
The RID 275 is the ideal boat for those who want the versatility, durability, cockpit space and lightweight features of the Walker BayA® 8 but need the stability and greater horsepower rating that the 4 chamber Variable Profile Design (VPD) tube provides. With detailed attention to hull design and hydrodynamics, the Generation outperforms its class with incredible handling at high speeds, while the spacious interior of the open cockpit design affords ample space for cargo and crew.

With unmatched motoring performance, storage capacity, interior seating, and cockpit space the Genesis Deluxe RIB takes the guesswork out of buying a tender, we?ve thought of everything. Row, motor, sail or tow the RID does it all, while adding safety and stability to the experience.

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